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Apple releases new stuff, new blog search engine

Some guy named Steve Jobs was on stage this morning announcing stuff for some computer company in Cupertino.

Bill Gates Wants To Be Steve Jobs

Microsoft has one more thing for Apple: a product announcement on Tuesday afternoon that will follow an Apple “special event” earlier in the day.

Google Shows Mac Users The Widget Love

Three Dashboard Widgets from the talented engineers at Google offer Mac users some extra Google functionality in OS X.

Google Jobs Becoming Issue Again?

Remember last year, at around this time, the difficulty of getting a job at Google was a long-running story.

C Programming Jobs Not Trending Downward
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It’s all over for C. Ruby and Python have replaced C as the programming language of choice for developers who aren’t churning out Visual Basic daily. At least, that’s what the rumor mill suggests.

Google Jobs Post Leads To GoogleNet Rumors

Google has stated before it has no interest in becoming a provider of network services, but a job posting on its site solicits applications for Strategic Negotiators with “negotiation of dark fiber contracts” listed as part of the desired candidates’ experience.

A Lesson How to Get Blog Links

If you want to build links to your blog, take a look at Jackwhisper’s latest post, titled “5 Things Steve Jobs Has Misled Us About In The Last 30 Years.

Steve Jobs Goes to the Movies

I highlighted this meme in my links tonight, but it’s so darn funny that I think it deserves its own post.

What Didn’t Steve Jobs Say?

There should have been “one more thing” to Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld the other day, but one noted Mac writer said a well-placed Apple polisher told him the black-turtlenecked one’s speech had to be adjusted at the last minute.

“Pull the Laptop off of a Table… Contest

Steve Jobs says that the world needs a new kind of power cable. That sounds really cool.

The Cool New Thing From Steve Jobs? Um, No

Is this a preview of what’s coming later today from Steve Jobs? ;-) It’s ArtRage 2.

Insecurity At The FBI Jobs Website

Information technology workers who manage to find employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation may want to make their first task improving the security certificate used on FBIJobs.gov.

Irish Luck To Bring More Google Jobs?

700 more positions at Google’s Dublin-based European headquarters may be opening soon, and bring to 1,000 the number of people working in Dublin for the search advertising company.

Steve Jobs Ruined My Thanksgiving

I recently got an iPod Nano, mainly because I’m annoyed at the limitations of my iPod Shuffle on long trips (like flying half way around the world).

Video ‘iPod’ Beyond Disney And ABC

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced “one more thing” would be the video iPod with ABC content available through iTunes 6.

Hollywood To Jobs RE VidiPod: Gimme

Five unions representing actors, writers, and directors have made a public statement calling for a cut of TV shows sold for video iPod viewing.

Googley-Eyed For Phoenix

Google announced on Wednesday their new engineering office in Phoenix at a press conference with the governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano from her office.

Google Drives Jobs To Michigan

A Google job post seeks entry level techies in Ann Arbor, Michigan to help build a new Googleplex.

Jobsters Searching For New Jobs

Seattle-based online job recruiter Jobster launched their newest venture, Jobster Search. Jobster says the new job search engine is based on getting most of your information in one click and then getting all your networking and referrals done through the Internet.

Bronfman Bashes Jobs Over 99 Cents

Edgar Bronfman Jr calls Steve Jobs and Apple ‘unfair’ when it comes to pricing all songs at the same 99 cent level.

Jobs Says Music Companies Are Greedy

After meeting with major music labels seeking price hikes for Apple iTunes downloads, Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs used the popularity of Apple’s iPod and iTunes, and logic, as leverage to swat those requests.