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Rocketboom Gets YouTube Sponsorship

Rocky-historied video blog Rocketboom has a new sponsorship model and a major new sponsor. The first sponsor paying out to associate its name with Ms. Joanne Colan is online video phenom YouTube.

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Rocketboom 2.0 Delayed, Fans Lash Out

Rocketboom fans have been hanging on for the next boom since Amanda Congdon’s dramatic unbooming. The next incarnation is now two days late as the world awaits how the new hostess will handle her duties, and to see if Rocketboom 2.0 will reach liftoff.

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Congdon Replaced By English Accent

How will Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron replace his vamoosing attractive, smart, witty, and charming anchor Amanda Congdon? The space in front of the upside down map of the world will be filled by an attractive, smart, witty, and charming anchorwoman with a British accent. So, ha!

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