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Changes and Significance in Search: Looking Back on 2008
· 22

I initially intended to piece together a retrospective article about the happenings in the search industry and SEO from throughout the year, based on our coverage of it., much like what I did with online video and online music. I quickly realized this would be a monumental task given that something like 90% of what we cover is search or SEO related.

What Will Google SERP Changes Mean for Reputation Management?
· 51

Some say ranking is dead. Google’s going though changes that may turn SEO on its ear. Google’s Matt Cutts talked about some of these changes with WebProNews not too long ago. "I’m not sure I would say ranking is dead but it’s not as important as it used to be," he said.

Website Checklist with Jill Whalen

Have you thought about re-designing your website or even starting a new website? If the answer is yes, and I think most reading this, are all thinking yes that’s me, then you absolutely must keep reading (oh and watch the video too)!

Some New Tags To Play With
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HighRankings.com’s Jill Whalen broke some interesting news about tags webmasters can use to control how their content is shown in Google results. The information comes from Dan Crow, director of crawl systems at Google, speaking at the Search Engine Marketing New England event in Rhode Island.

Jill Whalen Interviewed at SES San Jose

This is Jill Whalen’s fifth or sixth interview of the day, a fact I am critically conscious of before sitting down to speak with her at 2pm on the second day of last week’s SES conference.

A few hours earlier, I breezed through the pressroom to check my emails and sort of eavesdropped on one of them. Watching Jill stir patiently while answering age-old questions is making me nervous. Obviously I needed to come up with some better questions.