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Lufthansa Heist: 5 Mobsters Arrested For Crime

Today a man alleged to have been involved in the 1978 Lufthansa heist at John F. Kennedy airport, New York,  is among 5 men taken into custody by the authorities for the crime. Federal agents have carried out a series of raids in the NY metro area to apprehend the suspects. A 78-year-old Vincent Asaro of Howard Beach is one of the …

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JFK Airport Evacuation Caused By “Suspicious” Package

JFK Airport suffered a minor scare on Sunday when a terminal was shut down due to a “suspicious” package found in the baggage holding area. Airport officials were being cautious when they closed the terminal due to recent events in Boston and the Ricin-laced packages sent to government officials just after the bombings last week; however, their worry was all …

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Yobot Will Deliver Your Bags from Airport to Hotel

Tired of transferring your luggage from the airport to your hotel? Your days of such menial manual labor are very close to being over. Yotel, the fancy hotel chain that features stylish albeit tiny accommodations, has teamed up with the JetBlue luggage handlers at the JFK airport in an effort to make your life that much simpler. For a nominal …

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