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Lindsay Lohan: Actress’ Stepmother Arrested For Threatening JetBlue Flight Attendants

Authorities confirmed on Saturday that a flight from Florida to California diverted to Louis Armstrong International Airport to remove an unruly passenger, who happens to be the stepmother of actress and presidential hopeful Lindsay Lohan. Kate Major-Lohan, was removed from JetBlue flight 101 on Wednesday after causing a commotion on the plane, Col. John Fortunato, spokesman for the Jefferson Parish …

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Super Bowl Ads Get Rated

Super Bowl ads are always a great reason to watch the game. With the large amount of leaked ads this year though, I wondered what was the point of even watching the game? It turns out that leaking ads before the game actually boost the company’s image. Reuters is reporting on General Sentiment, a social media analytics company, that “measures …

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JetBlue Launches Facebook Deal App

JetBlue Airways has introduced a new app on Facebook called “Go Places” that rewards people with TrueBlue points and discounts so they can earn free trips.

Users will be able to collect points and deals starting today through March1, 2011. Jet Blue says this is the first of a series of promotions it has planned for 2011 on Facebook Places.




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JetBlue Runs an Interesting and Successful Twitter Promotion

In the social media world, it is so important to try to do things that haven’t been done before. Why? Well, since social media is so new and the applications of it have not even begun to be thought of yet, you must be a risk taker by default to see if it will work for you and your business. We hear more about social media flame-outs, which I attribute to our human nature to feel that news is mostly negative. Fortunately, there have been some risk takers that have had success worth discussing.

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