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Boeing 777x Outclasses Airbus A380 Airplane Design

The Airbus A380, a double-deck four-engine jet, must keep improving its design if it wants to match the Boeing twin-aisle airplane called the 777x, which is scheduled to be used for service within the next decade. Fabrice Bregier, CEO of Airbus, said, “After 2020, we will face the challenge of the Boeing 777X, and it is clear that as the …

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Navy Jet Crashes Near Pensacola, Florida

The Navy has not yet released the name of the pilots, however it has been confirmed that a flight instructor and a Navy flight student have been taken to the hospital for injuries after their jet crashed. The crash occurred near the Sherman Field runway at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, around 10:30 a.m. Monday morning. As far …

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F-35 Fighter Drops 1st Bomb Against A Ground Target

Reuters reported yesterday evening that Lockheed Martin’s stealthy new F-35B Joint Strike Fighter laid waste to a tank at Edwards Air Force Base in California using a 500-pound guided bomb. The Pentagon confirmed this was the first time an F-35 has deployed a weapon. The report says the plane fired its laser-guided bomb unit (GBU-12) “Paveway II” from an internal …

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F-35 Fighter Jet: Popularity Rising

The Lockheed Martin Corporation is bracing for an onslaught of potential international demands to purchase several dozen F-35 fighter jets. This Tuesday the South Korean government turned down an offer from Boeing Co to build sixty F-15 warplanes claiming that a more advanced aircraft was needed. While there is no definitive word on whether South Korea will eventually come to …

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Jet Overshoots Runway At Minneapolis Airport

A small corporate jet ran off the runway at Flying Cloud Airport in Minneapolis this morning, crashing through a chain-link fence and coming to rest on the side of a roadway. Officials say there were no passengers aboard the 7-passenger plane, and the two crew members were unharmed in the accident. An investigation is ongoing by the FAA. The Embraer …

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