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Shroud Of Turin Research Has One Doctor Convinced It’s The Real Thing

The Shroud of Turin is one of the most controversial artifacts to have ever been found. The piece of cloth depicts a man’s face, hands and legs that many claim to be the body of Jesus Christ. For some, it’s proof that Jesus lived, died and was resurrected. For others, it’s a dirty piece of cloth that people put too …

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Peru Inmates Perform Musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ for Holy Week

Holy Week-the last week before Lent leading up to Easter Sunday-has kicked off to a theatrical start. Peruvian inmates at the Sarita Colonia prison performed their version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar Tuesday as part of Holy Week in Lima. The cast, which has been preparing for the play since February, finally made their debut presentation among fellow inmates and …

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Shroud of Turin: New Study Results May Debunk Theory of Cloth’s Inauthenticity

The Shroud of Turin has long-been one of the greatest mysteries of the world, since it was first mentioned in documents and publications back in the Middle Ages. The shroud clearly depicts the imprint of a man’s face and torso, which greatly resemble the pictures of Jesus Christ we have today. Scientists and scholars have studied the cloth and tried …

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Megyn Kelly Ruins Christmas For Everybody

Fox News pundit Megyn Kelly insisted that non-white boys and girls throughout the world face reality: Santa is and only ever will be white. “For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white. Santa is what he is. I wanted to get that straight.” How does she know this to be so? “I mean, Jesus was a white …

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Orange Is The New Black’s Taryn Manning Is Grateful For Her New Christ-Like Pennsatucky T-Shirt

Tayrn Manning, who plays the role of Pennsatucky on Netflix’s hit show Orange is the New Black, like many other cast members, appears to be enjoying the spotlight as fans continue to express their appreciation of the show and its characters in interesting ways. Someone has expressed their love for Pennsatucky by taking the famous image of Jesus Christ holding …

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Jesus Appears To Woman In Florida During The Bachelor

Jesus gets around a lot these days. So much to do and so little time for the Son of God, but he at least took a little time out this week to catch up on The Bachelor. 10 News, a Tampa Bay CBS News affiliate, reported on Guerda Maurice, a Port St. Lucie resident who claims to have taken a …

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