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Krysten Ritter Stars in Netflix Second Marvel Series, ‘Jessica Jones’

Krysten Ritter is set to star in the second Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones. Cast in the title role, Ritter is excited about playing the newest Marvel heroine. Jessica Jones–the character–is fierce, and Krysten Ritter is all over that. In a new clip touting the series, fans can see what Jessica Jone–the Marvel series–will feature. “The 13-episode drama centers on …

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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Gets Over 50,000 Signatures To Keep Toys On Shelves

Aaron Paul has taken the fight to keep Breaking Bad action figures on Toys R Us shelves to everyone’s favorite battleground: Twitter. A few weeks ago, a Florida Mom named Susan Schrivjer decided that it was inappropriate for Toys R Us to sell action figures based on characters of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. “It’s about drugs, …

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“Breaking Bad” Dominates “SNL” Premiere

“Breaking Bad” is absolutely everywhere these days, and “Saturday Night Live” is no exception. The “Breaking Bad” series finale expectation dominated the season premiere. Early on, Jesse Pinkman, also known to his friends as Aaron Paul, stopped in to help Jay Pharaoh’s President Obama sell Obamacare. Jesse stepped in to help the president after a series of regular Americans lamented …

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