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Microsoft Not Interested In Yahoo Merger

Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang said on Wednesday that a deal with Microsoft has plenty of power but that the software company is not considering a full merger.

Yang said Yahoo is open to a possible deal but added that Microsoft was not considering a merger fro now. Earlier this month Microsoft ended its bid to acquire Yahoo for $47.5 billion, or $33 per share, after Yahoo turned down its offer saying it would only sell for $37 a share.

Yang Optimistic On Leading Yahoo Forward

CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang told the All Things D audience he’s the best person to run Yahoo today.

Yang Writes Employees Another Brainwashing Letter
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There haven’t been any signs that Yahoo will make its employees work from within isolation tanks.  That almost seems like the next logical step, though, as Jerry Yang has followed up Carl Icahn’s critical words with yet another "all is well, stay on task" letter to Yahoo’s troops.

Despite Report, Yahoo, Microsoft Still Stuck

Everyone hoping for a conclusive result – any conclusive result – following Yahoo’s earnings report should prepare for another period of rumors and waiting. 

International Dealings Tough For Yahoo

The choice between having no presence in a country or some presence means complying with laws that outsiders will question.

Jerry Yang Has High Hopes For Yahoo
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Yahoo’s investors have 8.8 billion reasons to stick it out with the company for a couple more years, as CEO Jerry Yang projected that as the company’s 2010 revenue figure.

Yahoo Changes Bylaws To Stall Microsoft
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Microsoft will have to wait to nominate new directors for Yahoo’s board, in its efforts to takeover the company.

Microsoft Bid Galvanized Yahoo, Said Yang

The top two executives at Yahoo finally faced the Microsoft question, when asked at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual meeting in Arizona about the unsolicited takeover bid.

Yang To Yahoos: Stay Focused

The newest piece of CEO Jerry Yang to Yahoo communications dropped into the SEC’s 8-K filings, with an admonition to staffers to stay focused.

Fixing Yahoo, The Internet Way
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Lots of ideas float through the maze of sites and blogs online, some of them aimed at fixing Yahoo. Here are some of the suggestions we found.

Yahoo Stepping Lightly Against Google, Microsoft

As one of the biggest brands on the Internet, Yahoo’s competitors envy the traffic Yahoo receives. On Wall Street, analysts only see gridlock.

Layoffs and the Yahoo Brand

The ’sphere is buzzing with “anonymous” tips that Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang will soon be faced with the tough decision of firing up to 2.500 employees.

Yahoo Mail Socializing All About The Money

Company CEO Jerry Yang told CES 2008 attendees Yahoo Mail would become a much more socially aware application, able to tap into multiple social networks.

Yahoo’s Future: Smarter Email And Mobiles

CEO Jerry Yang told the CES 2008 crowds about Yahoo’s plans to make its Mail client a social tool with all the widgets one could want.

Yahoo – It’s Not Easy Being Yang

It’s no crime that Yahoo was slow to recognize social networking as the replacement for web portal stickiness, and CEO Jerry Yang wants to start bringing the masses back to Yahoo, if only for a brief visit.

Yang Shares Some Yahoo Strategy

After an earnings announcement that beat Wall Street expectations, Yahoo CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang revealed a little more of what he thinks the company needs to do.

Lantos: “Yahoo Provided False Information”

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and general counsel Michael Callahan have been requested to attend a House Committee on Foreign Affairs meeting over Yahoo’s role in the incarceration of a journalist in China.

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and general counsel Michael Callahan have been requested to attend a House Committee on Foreign Affairs meeting over Yahoo’s role in the incarceration of a journalist in China.

Earnings: Yahoo Profits Flat In Q3

Net income for Yahoo’s third quarter of 2007 turned out to be the same 11 cents per diluted share it was during the same quarter in 2006.

Yahoo Missing That Vision Thing
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Not much information has emerged in the wake of Yahoo’s executive all-day meeting, other than the attendance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as inspirational speaker.

Yahoo Heaped With Negative Vibes
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Between Google and a seemingly endless slew of challengers like Facebook and MySpace, Yahoo could be grilled like a panini in the battle for display advertising dollars.

Open Letter to Yang

Welcome aboard, Chief Yahoo.

I did a little asking around, to some people that matter in the industry, people that care about your search division, and especially about your Panama rollout. What will happen next? Anything cool? Bold?

I’ve got some rough news for you: they don’t think you’ll do it. Maybe they don’t think you can do it. Everybody’s couching their language in lukewarm "we’ll see" platitudes.

Well, it’s good to get that out of the way. Low expectations mean at least you can beat them, I guess.