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Oakland Raiders Scrum with Cowboys in Practice

Football season cannot come soon enough. Sure – one can tune into ESPN these days and watch baseball, golf, or NASCAR. But there’s nothing out there to help alleviate the built-up tension and aggression of sports fans like a good …

Dallas Cowboys Cut Two Pro Bowl Players

The National Football League’s first day of free agency started with a bang. After another disappointing season in which the Dallas Cowboys once again failed to make the playoffs, team owner Jerry Jones and company decided to release the organization’s …

Tony Romo “Chokes” Again Despite Historic Game
· 6

Sunday’s NFL game between Denver and Dallas was an offensive showcase, to say the least. Peyton Manning, arguably the NFL’s best quarterback of all time, passed for 414 yards and finished with 5 total touchdowns, 4 passing and 1 running. …

Jerry Jones’ Glasses Get Their Own Caretaker
· 7

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a very rich man, and, according to some, that means he can afford to have a personal eyeglasses cleaner during games. As Jones sat in his comfy suite watching his team defeat the Giants, …

Why in the Hell is Jerry Jones Rapping about Papa John’s?

You didn’t need to do this, Jerry. Nobody needed to do this. There’s a new ad for Papa John’s pizza featuring Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and it’s really really bad. Not so bad that it’s good, just really really …

Yee-hah! Dallas Cowboys Clueless On Domains
· 5

Poor Jerry Jones, first his ‘Boys get curb-stomped by the Patriots, then it turns out the attorney representing them at a domain name auction has no idea about the starting or ending price.