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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Second Pregnancy ‘Magical’

Jennifer Love Hewitt is sporting a very obvious baby bump these days, and during a recent interview for American Baby’s May issue, she calls this–her second pregnancy–magical. “Pregnancy is magical,” she told the publication. “I’m grateful. It’s not lost on me what a gift it is to be able to get pregnant.” Daughter Autumn was born in November of 2013, …

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Struggles with Post-baby Weight

Wow, movie stars really are just like the rest of us. Jennifer Love Hewitt recently lamented the difficulties she faces trying to juggle new husband, new baby, a career and losing that stubborn post-baby weight. “It’s hard, it’s really hard,” Hewitt admitted. “And I wasn’t sure where I was going to fall and what was going to happen and how …

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Brian Hallisay: 3 ways Jennifer Love Hewitt can relax him

Brian Hallisay has quite a temper. We know this because Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiancé is under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting a paparazzo who was trying to take pictures of her last weekend. Granted that paparazzo can be a real pain in your buttocks when you are trying to spend some quality time with that special someone, and given Hewitt’s …

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