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This Robot Jellyfish Will One Day Patrol Our Oceans This Robot Jellyfish Will One Day Patrol Our Oceans

Scientists have a fascination with taking animals, turning them into robots and making them far more terrifying. DARPA has been doing this for years, and Virginia Tech is joining the movement: Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers have unveiled a …

Sea Monster Strikes Fear Into the Heart’s of Twitter Fans

If you think deep sea drilling is a dangerous job, you are right. There are countless hazards to someone’s health, but cameras on one rig off the shores of the United Kingdom captured something that is sure to strike fear …

Microsoft Acquires Jellyfish

Microsoft has acquired comparison shopping engine Jellyfish, and it actually looks like a cool company!

Microsoft Reels In Jellyfish
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Microsoft has acquired Jellyfish.com, a shopping search engine that shares its revenue from referred purchases with its users.

Shopping With Jellyfish

How’s this for a place to shop – a site “where stores compete to lower your price.” That’s the concept behind Jellyfish, a “new kind of search engine” that shares ad revenue with buyers. Right now, it’s only in beta form, but the site already offers “1000’s of stores.”