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Vonage Co-Founder on the Social Revolution Vonage Co-Founder on the Social Revolution
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I think we can all agree that the world is in the midst of a social media revolution. Social media not only plays an integral role in our personal lives, but it is also a critical component in our professional environments.

Twitter Bug Torches Follower Lists
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A slew of Twitter users posted this morning the disappearance of significant portions of followers and followees from their accounts. Has Twitter lost swaths of user data? Or is it the side effect of ousting "aggressive followers," who Twitter equates with spammers? Are followers worth much?

VON: Andrew Baron Rockets In

Rocketboom’s stormy breakup with host Amanda Congdon captivated the blogosphere. Baron started over with a new host, Joanne Colan, and arrived at Fall 2006 VON to talk about his view of the nascent online video industry.

VON And The Tuesday Dress Code

The Fall 2006 VON conference begins this week as VoIP competition heats up and the efforts of small firms and major Internet players gather plenty of interest in the field.