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Levi’s Jeans CEO: Wash Less, For the Planet

Jeans have become so popular in the past half-century that the apparel is now a staple in the wardrobes of both men and women. The image of jeans as a rugged choice or fashion statement has persisted for decades, but the pants have never been viewed as a force for good environmental policy. Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh last week tried …

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Old Navy Photoshops “Thigh Gap” But Has Explanation

Target has been under constant scrutiny since the major credit card breach that happened around Thanksgiving last year. On December 19th, the store announced that the criminals behind the credit card breach gained access to customer information the day before Thanksgiving on Black Friday and maintained it until December 15. It seems the store just can’t get a break with …

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Charlize Theron Could Start a Denim Clothing Line [RUMOR]

Charlize Theron is pretty good at keeping her private life private. Last we heard from her, baseless rumors in September 2012 were insinuating that she was dating Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame and in November 2012 the style press began to go crazy over the actresses new buzz-cut look for the upcoming movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Now, it …

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