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The Riddle of the Sphinx


Sometimes you do something that surprises people. Jaws drop and wonder is seen in your friend’s eyes. You too can tap into these secrets of the ancients. See a source of hidden knowledge, known only to select few. Answer the riddle of the Sphinx, just by reading the manual.

An SCJP 1.4 Certification Primer

The SCJP exam is the first in a series of Java certification exams offered by Sun Microsystems, and for many it is the first step to becoming established as a competent Java developer.

Using Flash and Java to create Pop-Ups

With Flash it is quite common to have a customized pop up window to hold your flash movie. This is almost always done using HTML and JavaScript. Well, what about having buttons in your flash movies that will open customized pop up windows?

How to develop JavaServer Pages

The Email List application

This topic introduces you to a simple web application that consists of one HTML page and one JavaServer Page, or JSP. Once you get the general idea of how this application works, you’ll be ready to learn the specific skills that you need for developing JSPs.

How to use regular Java classes with JSPs
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In this topic, you’ll learn how to use regular Java classes to do the processing that a JSP requires. In particular, you’ll learn how to use two classes named User and UserIO to do the processing for the JSP of the Email List application.

Code-Generation Techniques for Java

Working in Java either means writing a little bit of complex code or writing a lot of gruntwork code. J2EE is a prime example; implementing the persistence for a single database table takes five classes and two interfaces using EJBs, and almost all of the classes are clerical work. We have to write them, but we don’t have to do it by hand. Code-generation techniques can make building high-quality EJB code a breeze.

Using Java Data Objects

In a past article on XML Databinding, I showed
how you could work with Java objects and have them persist as XML files.

Java VM and Windows 98

Dear Carey,

Hi, I lost all java on my win 98se machine .I’ve done everything short of reinstalling the OS. I reinstalled MS java VM Did not work. So I tried Suns Java, installed it And it still does not work. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it still nothing did this 8 times. I consulted with sun about 4 times, and they told me to do everything I had already done all 8 times i reinstalled it.

Languages on the Internet

The capabilities of the Internet have been enhanced and extended by using programming languages with HTML. These languages have been responsible for the dynamic and interactive nature of the Net. New languages and language extensions are being developed to increase the usability of the Internet. Here I will look at some of the important languages that have shape the Internet over the years.

Java win in mixed ruling

Initial newspaper headlines pointed to a Microsoft victory over Sun Microsystems in a US appeals court last week.

Sun seeks to demystify Java

Sun hopes a new version of its Java software will lure nonprogrammers by sporting a more Windows-like look and feel.

Java Applets and Shutting down Windows 98

Dear Carey,

I have two problems: When I try to start my Ameritrade streamer, the streamer console comes up but the applet menu does not appear. I just get the small square box at the top with the red, blue & green boxes within it. The applet menu does not appear. It was working fine, not sure what happened. It uses Java Web Start. I have tried all their suggestions.

2nd, most of the time, when I go to shut Windows down, it goes to where it says Windows is shutting down and then just stays there. I have Windows 98 and Interenet Explorer 6.0


A Better Java than Java?

When Java was first released is was hailed as a revolution. Many lawsuits and arguments followed, chiefly between Sun and Microsoft. With their C# language, Microsoft have created what Java should have been 6 years ago – but Sun have still failed to get it there.

Java Problems On Win98

Question: I am running Win98 and Explorer 6. Recently, I am having a problem with Java. I have not changed any of my setting in IE, but it will not run certain Java pages anymore. I have tried to re-install the latest version of IE 6, but it is still the same. I installed the latest Java plugin, but it is still the same.

Carey Holzman Answers MS Windows and PC Hardware Questions
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Does your Windows PC have issues? Having trouble getting your Windows 98 computers to talk to each other? That new video card driving disagreeing with your system? Carey Holzman can help!

How Java Web Servers Work

A web server is also called a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server because it uses HTTP to communicate with its clients, which are usually web browsers.

Borland Heats Up New, Upgraded Java Tools

Borland Software Corp. this week will release new tools and other technologies that reinforce the company’s independent position among development platforms.

Serialize Java Data Objects to XML

Save and Restore Java data objects to a compact, robust, and reusable XML form

Time for MS to Throw in the Java Towel?

Now that client-side Java has foundered, why is Microsoft still struggling with Sun over its implementation?

Java Development Tools You Never Knew Existed

The world of software is ever-growing, and though we all like to stay on top of all the tools available to us, who has the time?

Password encryption: rationale and Java example

Where has your password been?