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Oracle Development: JDeveloper 10G Java, J2EE, EJB, MVC, XML

In 2004 Oracle made its new step toward J2EE application development simplification, releasing the new RAD Oracle JDeveloper 10G.

SATSA Provides Security Features for Java Applications

Esmertec announced a collaboration with Gemplus International S.A., the world’s largest provider of smart card solutions, to integrate Gemplus’ SIM-based implementation of the SATSA standard, SIM2METM (SIM to Mobile Equipment), into Esmertec’s Jbed platform.

Embedded Databases
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An Embedded database is a specific database genus that does not run as a separate process, instead, it is directly linked (“embedded”) into the application. Herein, the database is integrated into the application and the end-user has little or no knowledge that the database exists. Embedded databases are sometimes referred to as “fire and forget” or “implement and forget” databases, since they require no or minimal database administration.

Daffodil’s Free Java Database

Daffodil Software announced the launch of One$DB, a free version of its Java database – Daffodil DB.

Sun Java Tool for Mac and x86 Developers

Sun Microsystems has made available the latest version of its breakthrough visual development environment, Sun Java Studio Creator.

Java Workforce Management Terminal

Evolved from Control Module’s trademark modularity and reliability, Genus (named after the Greek term “genus,” meaning a new species) is the first workforce management terminal that offers a JAVA programming environment.

Java Open Source CRM/SFA Project

CentraView announced the upcoming release of the first feature-complete Java Open Source Contact Management, SFA and CRM software project.

WAP and Java Solutions Enable Porting of Mission Critical Data

Navara released two new products designed to deploy mobile enterprise applications to users of BlackBerry from Research In Motion.

CDMA Americas Congress Announces Driving Mobile Data Services Adoption With Java Workshop

Hosted By Sun Microsystems, Attendees Will Gain Insights On How To Increase Wireless Data Service Revenue With Java.

Day Implements Content Repository API for Java Technology (JCR) to the Apache Software Foundation

Day today announced that it has made available an implementation of the Content Repository API for Java Technology (JCR) to the Apache Software Foundation in order to further promote industry adoption and collaboration of the JSR 170 standard.

Why Java RDBMS?
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It is a well known fact that Java as a programming language set off a new paradigm in the software industry.

Sun Java System Application Server 8 Platform Edition – Developers’ Platform of Choice

Borland, Computer Associates, Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Quest Software Leverage Sun’s Platform to Broaden the Ecosystem for Enterprise Developers.

Choose Your Java Wisely

Java has come along a long way. Many would agree with this. I did not until the Java 1.5 “Tiger” hit me.

Nokia and Vodafone Aim to Simplify Mobile Java Standards

Mobile industry leaders create specifications for open unified mobile Java services architecture.

Enfora and Esmertec to Incorporate Wireless Java Technology in GSM/GPRS OEM Devices

First Implementation of Esmertec’s Java Solution in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Devices.

Quest Software Announces Integration of PerformaSure with Sun Java Enterprise System

PerformaSure and Java System Application Server Integration Enhances Performance and Availability of J2EE Applications.

Reduce TCO: The Java Database Way

TCO (Total Cost Ownership) is the buzzword in today’s business world. This metric helps enterprise managers assess direct and indirect costs and benefits derived from their investment on IT components and services. A vital component of overall TCO is database management. All information-centric applications need databases for data storage. Also, the storage demands of small and mid-sized companies are growing rapidly, as more emphasis is given on data backup and long-term archival of data disaster recovery.

Encrypt Sensitive Configuration Data with Java
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When application developers are developing, parameters are often hard-coded in the source code. These hard-coded parameters are often pulled out of the source code and put into property files or configuration files. System and network security policies may force a developer to address security concerns over the data that is stored in external files. So, how do you make sure that your sensitive external parameters are safe?

Unheralded Java Filters Simplify Web-app Testing

Java filters, first introduced in the Java Servlet specification 2.3, are a powerful addition to any Java Web application toolkit, yet they probably are the most under-used and under-appreciated of the servlet components. These classes intercept requests coming into and responses coming out of the Java servlet container, allowing developers to inspect and manipulate these messages, as well as take other actions based on the messages’ content. Despite this useful functionality, many Java developers are unfamiliar with filters.

All about the new SCMAD Certification Exam

The mobile market is envisioned as the next technological wave by leading industry experts. With approximately 150 million mobile phones – roughly 3 times the user base as that of desktop computers – it might well be the case. Due to the fragmented nature of the mobile market, with various manufacturers competing to get their share of the pie, Java is once again poised to be the best programming language for the mobile market with its Write Once, Run Anywhere technology.

JXTA & Business – The Catalog

JXTA Catalog – Saving Money or Better Business

There are a few that stick to the old tried and true. The nice thing is that the adventurous have a competitive advantage. The adventure seekers and mavericks are better thinkers too because learning exercises the brain and keeps it humming.