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Java Strings

Handling character strings in Java is supported through two final classes: String and StringBuffer.

Apache Added to Java Enterprise

On Tuesday, Menlo Park-based Sun announced they would bundle the Apache Derby embedded database into their Java Enterprise System. They’re also including an additional plug-in for support called NetBeans IDE 5.0.

Java Good, Bad or Very Very Ugly

It’s yet another plug in that users hate, and there are lots of those, and Java has an even worse reputation than most.

Java Card Platform A Contactless Sport

Like Seattle’s latest exotic dancer law, Sun Microsystems has gone “contactless” with its new Java Card platform, which eliminates the need for making contact with a Java Card reader. The contactless smart card can be read up to four inches (10 cm) away, enabling applications in rigorous environments such as public transportation or gaining access to government facilities.

Sun Pours Java Enterprise System 4

A new version of the company’s middleware system has come available, featuring better interoperability with products from other vendors.

A Java Developer’s Guide To Web Hosting
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You make a living writing enterprise java applications, and you would like to work on your own projects for fun or profit, you would like to create your own web site or you would like to have a place to host your open source project.

Java Runtime Environment Running With Google Toolbar

In the hours leading up to the press conference, speculation permeated the tech world over the news Sun Microsystems and Google collaborating on something miraculous.

Borland Improves Real Time Java Development

Borland Software announced the release of its JBuilder 2006, an upgrade of its Java integrated development environment (IDE) for enterprise Java applications.

Infomosaic Releases SecureXML Java Applet for Mac

Infomosaic announced the release of the Mac OS X version of its SecureXML Digital Signature Java applet, which is compliant with W3C standards.

Java to EXE – Why, When, When Not and How

“How do I make an .EXE file from my Java application?”, “Need help converting jar to exe”, “Is it possible to create a Windows executable using Java?” — these and similar questions are among the most popular topics on Java developer forums.

Sun Offer Java Student Developer Program

Sun commits $180 million USD in training, tools, research, and grants to promote Java development.

Resizing JPEG images: JAVA Vs .NET
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Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPEG for short is the most common image compression format today.

Sun Opens Some Java Code For Developers

The JavaOne Conference for Java developers opens today in San Francisco, with Sun giving a welcome gift of source code to attendees.

IONA To Launch Open Source Java ESB

IONA Technologies is planning to make available an open source Java Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), the company announced Monday.

Sun Brewing A Java Solution For The New Pope

The Holy See has chosen Sun to provide the management infrastructure for its communications.

Apache Pours Some Open Java

Though many said it would never happen, an open-source implementation of the Java programming language may be in the works.

How the BigDecimal Class Helps Java get its Arithmetic Right
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When you use Java for simple business arithmetic, you may be surprised to discover that Java doesn’t always produce the right answers. If, for example, you use the double data type for an invoice’s subtotal, sales tax, and total, your arithmetic expressions may deliver inaccurate results. I’ll illustrate this in a moment.

IDX Deploys JuggerNET to Integrate Java and .NET Apps

IDX Systems has deployed CodeMesh’s JuggerNET to integrate Java and Microsoft .NET applications.

Reports from the Linux/Java camp visit to Microsoft

The competitive summit continues. I’m bummed that I haven’t had much time to make it over there. It’s cool that they let the attendees blog.

Sun Wants Java as Open Source as Possible

Sun Microsystems wants to make Java as open source as possible while keeping compatibility and has made changes to its Java licensing.

Java Advanced Imaging and JAI Image I/O

Sun Microsystems has posted two new projects, Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) and JAI Image I/O Tools to java.net.