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Sun CEO Promises To Make Java Open-Source

In a recent announcement, Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz has pledged to make Java open-source code.

JCP Awards Set For JavaOne

The Java Community Project Program Management Office disclosed the nominations for the 2006 JCP Program Annual Awards in five categories.

It’s Unanimous! Java EE 5 Approved

The Java Community Process (JCP) gave the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 specification its complete approval ahead of the JavaOne Conference.

JavaOne Top Ten Sessions For Enterprise

The JavaOne Conference organizers have posted their recommended destinations for developers who code away on an enterprise level.

Decoding Web Hosting Reviews: From Java to Windows
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In an earlier article, we explained how web hosting reviews identify web hosting companies by the services they offer.

JavaOne Conference Perks Up In May

Java programmers will want to check out the planning information provided by Sun Microsystems for this year’s version of JavaOne in San Francisco, taking place May 16-19 at the Moscone Center.

Java Fat Is In, Ajax Is Too Thin
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All the heavily hyped virtues of Ajax and its asynchronous behind-the-page web browser handiwork have led Java developers to question why a fat client isn’t preferable in the first place.

Sun Opens Up Java Studio Enterprise

Sun Microsystems plans to open source major elements of the Sun Java Studio Enterprise as a project on NetBeans.org. This new project will be released as the NetBeans Enterprise Pack.

Are You a Professional Java Master?

BenQ Mobile and Sun Microsystems introduce a side contest for the Java Masters competition: the “Beat the Drum” Contest.

A Cup of Java Easier To Swallow

Sun Microsystems is promising easier times for web developers with its forthcoming Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Jave EE 5) and Java Platform Standard Editions (Java SE). In advance of those releases, Sun has released Java Web Services Development Pack 2.0 (Java WSDP), which features the same web service technology.

SCJA – An entry level Java certification
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Sun certification exams are valued and trusted by employers worldwide due to its high quality, credibility, and skill-focused assessments.

Java Posse Keeps On Podcasting

The guys behind the Java-focused podcast at JavaPosse.com marked their seventh month of podcasting about the programming language.

Sun Wants To Crown A Duke

Ahead of the Java One conference, Sun has begun accepting submissions to its fourth annual Duke’s Choice awards to recognize creative uses of Java technology.

Mobile Java Under Trojan Assault

Though uses for Java continue to expand, the threats do as well. Kaspersky Labs reported a Trojan called RedBrowser making the rounds, targeting Java capable cell phones. While this Trojan is annoying, it easily stopped.

New Java Platform Beta Shines For Web Developers

Sun Microsystems announced the release of the Beta release of their new Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6). They called the effort Project Mustang. They’ve added some features and improved on others to improve developers’ Java experience.

AOL’s Tegic, IBM Team On Mobile Java

A bundle with the Tegic T9 predictive text software and the IBM WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment will debut as T9 Run later in 2006.

Krugle Does Java Code Search

A new search engine that debuted at Demo 2006 focuses on the needs of programmers to help find source code and other technical content.

Java Studio Creator Turns Two

The latest version of Java Studio Creator includes drag and drop support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) from a new component library.

JSP: Java on Your Server

JSP stands for Java Server Pages. The idea of JSP is to allow Java code to be embedded in HTML – this is done uising XML tags.

Java Assertion

Assertion facility is added in J2SE 1.4. In order to support this facility J2SE 1.4 added the keyword assert to the language, and AssertionError class.

Java Virtual Machine

Java is a high level object oriented language. When we compile java code it first gets converted into highly efficient byte code by the java compiler.