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Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Jargon

Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users has a terrific take today on why expert users should stop worrying so much about whether using jargon is offputting to newbies and simply accept the fact that talking to other people who share your passion-and its special language-is more fun and stimulating than talking to people who think you are a babbling lunatic.

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Net Users Unfamiliar With Jargon

Apparently, not everyone has an innate knowledge of all the terms, acronyms, names, and abbreviations associated with the Internet.

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The Perils of Using Jargon

Recently I spoke with loans officers at several of my local banks in order to find out the costs associated with a housing loan. One of the things that struck me in all of these conversations was the astonishing (to me) level of jargon used by the bank staff when explaining their products to customers.

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