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Former Jane Editor Joins Yahoo

It seems that, at least once a week, some important person has been leaving some major search company.  Unique article intros are getting hard to come by.  For both her sake and ours, then, we’re happy to hear that Brandon Holley, the former editor of Jane magazine, has begun work at Yahoo.Former Jane Editory Joins Yahoo

Amazon’s E-Book Reader Widely Ridiculed
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I wouldn’t mind keeping over 200 books close at hand, and I’d prefer not to need a large suitcase to do it.  But Amazon’s new e-book reader is nonetheless looking less and less appealing as the analyses roll in.

Jane Goodall Institute Google Earth Geoblog

How about another buzzword.. this time it comes from the Jane Goodall Institute who are using aweblog that uses Google’s Earth’s spinning globe as its backdrop.

College Acceptance Podcasts Through iTunes

File this one under “maybe a little too soon”: a Massachusetts college plans to email students it accepts for admission a link to an acceptance podcast on iTunes.