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Mary-Louise Parker Stars in ‘Jamesy Boy’

Mary-Louise Parker stars in a new indie film, along with actor James Woods. Jamesy Boy is a crime drama, in which a troubled teen whose admission to a public school is rejected because of his sordid criminal past. Parker plays the mother of that troubled teen, who is portrayed by newcomer Spencer Lofranco. She works to defend her son’s right …

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Mary-Louise Parker Fights for Troubled Son in “Jamesy Boy”

In a sneak-peek clip of Mary-Louise Parker’s upcoming-featured film,” Jamesy Boy,” it shows a mother who fights to keep her gang-related son in school.   Based on a true story about James Burns, portrayed by Spencer Lofranco, the film illustrates the let downs a young 14-year-old teen experienced by the school system. The clip, however, shows a prelude to the administration’s admission rejection. …

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