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Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Tie the Knot

Actress Sara Gilbert and musician Linda Perry are officially married, after a three-year courtship. The couple got engaged after Perry proposed a year ago, and tied the knot Sunday. Details regarding the ceremony have yet to be revealed, though Gilbert’s The Talk co-hosts are expected to divulge on the particulars on the show, according to a representative from CBS. Gilbert …

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James Blunt New Album, “Moon Landing” Streaming

It seems like James Blunt came out with his debut hit, “You’re Beautiful” and then then completely disappeared from the charts and music world entirely. While he’s made other albums, it seems the star hasn’t resonated with his fans quite like how he did with his original album. But good news because Blunt is back. His newest album doesn’t come …

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James Blunt Quitting Music Headline Draws Twitter Snark

Having worked in a restaurant with a repeating musical track list during the height of James Blunt mania, I probably heard his hit song “You’re Beautiful” more than the average person. And that’s saying a lot, considering it was everywhere in 2005. Despite being voted one of the most annoying pop songs by Rolling Stone, the track had huge success …

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