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Paris Hilton Hacker Busted Yet Again

It’s been ten years since the Paris Hilton hacker scandal and apparently one of the culprits responsible never learned his lesson. Cameron Lacroix of New Bedford, Mass. just pled guilty to two counts of computer intrusion and one count of access device fraud. Lacroix went on a major hacking spree that began in 2011, during which time he targeted a …

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NYC Settles Suit With Wrongly Jailed Man for $6.4 Million

It happens every day–people arrested for crimes they did not commit–and the system lets them down. The statistics are staggering on the number of wrongly imprisoned inmates. Statistics show that in the U.S. alone, over 10,000 people each year are wrongly imprisoned. Truthfully, many want to believe that the goal of the justice system is to provide a fair trial, …

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Buckingham Palace Knife Man/Protester Jailed

Last October, a man wielding a knife tried to get onto the Buckingham Palace grounds. That man, 44-year-old David Belmar was trying to get to the Queen and discuss his recently discontinued state welfare. Belmar had a six-inch knife and protested about his Incapacity Benefit being stopped in front of Buckingham Palace. He leaped over a vehicle barrier and was …

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