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KFC Hoax: Little Girl Was Not Kicked Out Of KFC

The story of the three year old girl kicked out of a Jackson, MS KFC due to facial scarring that “disturbed customers” is a hoax according to Rick Maynard, spokesperson for KFC. “After the alleged incident was reported to us, two investigations took place, including one by an independent investigator. Neither revealed any evidence that the incident occurred, and we …

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UFO Sightings: Nothing To Fear, “Deer”

Are Martians meandering through Mississippi marsh and grasslands? Since a family in Jackson County, Mississippi witnessed something out of the ordinary, the Internet’s interest has been piqued. Edith and Rainer Shattles claimed they had set up cameras to capture wildlife on Feb 16, but instead reported filming a strange sequence of glowing objects. In the time lapse, Bambi & Co. …

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Delivers Heart-Racing Finale

Just in case you were wondering if Grey’s Anatomy was starting to flat line on the drama, its winter finale cliffhanger likely proved otherwise. Filled with twists and turns, the season ten mid season finale featured a variety of surprising revelations and an ending that likely shocked even the veteran viewers. [Warning: Spoilers Ahead] The episode began mildly enough with …

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Paris Jackson Survives Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson, daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson, has reportedly attempted suicide. According to a TMZ report, Jackson was rushed to a hospital at around 2 am Wednesday morning. The report cites an unnamed source “connected to the emergency response” as saying a possible overdose is suspected, and that multiple cuts were also reported on one of the teen’s …

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