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Jack in the Box Waffle Sandwich Is Designed to Blow Your Mind

Jack in the Box’s waffle sandwich sounds like something that was created to test my dietary will. Would I eat a waffle sandwich? Of course I would. Don’t be silly. The question remains: Should I eat a waffle sandwich? Probably not. That’s because I couldn’t stop at just one; my will power obliterated, I would order as many as my …

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Tasty New Bacon Milkshake: 1080 Calories!

Jack in the Box has just released a bacon-flavored milkshake. The bacon shake is made with no actual bacon, it features bacon-flavored syrup combined with vanilla ice-cream and is topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. The new shake definitely strikes a chord with people; it’s a love it or hate it concept. I am not surprised to see …

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