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iTunes 11 is Finally Available After Extended Delay

Better late than never, right? Apple debuted the new iTunes, iTunes 11, at their iPhone 5 event back in September. The original September launch date was pushed back to October, and that launch date was then pushed back to November. Well, November’s almost over and you can finally download iTunes 11. iTunes 11 comes with a redesigned layout, better playlists, …

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iTunes 11 To Get Better Sharing, iCloud Integration

Back in April we brought you news that the next version of iTunes, iTunes 11, was working its way through Apple’s internal testing. Little was known about what iTunes 11 would look like, except that it was supposed to bring improved iCloud integration and iOS 6 compatibility. A recent report from Bloomberg has confirmed the improved iCloud integration and offered …

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Ping To Be Killed With Next iTunes Update

Late last month at we brought you news that Apple may finally kill off Ping, the failed music-based social network introduced in 2010 with iTunes 10. Speaking at AllThingsD’s D10 Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that Ping had failed to capture customer attention, and that there was the possibility that Ping would be killed off in a future release …

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