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iTether Is Back And Better Than Ever

It was no surprise last year when iTether was pulled from iTunes. It allowed users to turn their phones into a tether without signing up for their carrier’s tether service. Well, the app is back, but not on iTunes. The Tether blog announced Friday that iTether is now available to all iPhone users through an ingenious loophole that leaves Apple …

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UPDATE: Apple Axes iTether

In a move that should suprise no one, iTether, an app that allowed people to tether their phones to their computers without purchasing a carrier tethering plan, has been pulled from the Apple App Store. The app became available early this morning and caused quite a stir across Twitter and the blogosphere. The universal reaction was surprise at the app’s …

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Tethering App Sneaks into the Apple App Store

UPDATE: The app has now been pulled from the App Store. See here for more details. The App Store approval process is notoriously finicky. Though improvements to the process have been made in the last year, it remains common for apps to be rejected without apparent reason. Sometimes, however, apps that should be rejected manage to sneak through the approval …

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