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‘It Gets Worse’ Project Looks at Stand Up Comedy, the ‘Best and Worst Job’

Comedians Dave Waite and Grant Lyon have created the “It Gets Worse” project, a parody of the popular “It Gets Better” LGBT project. Their series focuses on the jubilation felt by stand up comedians after their first performance and the subsequent spiral into the “reality of crying alone in a Red Roof Inn after a terrible road gig.” “The It …

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Don’t Worry Fellas, It Gets Bigger (Or So Says This Viral PSA)

Back in 2010, author Dan Savage posted a video on YouTube with the hopes of getting a message out to the millions of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender kids out there that are struggling to get through each day. And that message was simple: It Gets Better. The “It Gets Better” campaign became a global phenomenon, with celebrities and other …

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New Google Chrome Ads Eschew Comedy for Dramatic Moments

Let it never be said that Google doesn’t promote their products. Granted, they aren’t big adopters of television advertising — save for their famous Super Bowl commercial — but that doesn’t mean they won’t use other mediums to entice would-be adopters of Google Tech, like, say, YouTube. With that in mind, the Google Chrome YouTube page has recently debuted two …

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