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Gaza Strip: Israel And Hamas Trade Rocket Fire Amid Truce Break Down

The latest round of cease-fire talks between the Israelis and the Palestinian militants ended brusquely on Tuesday after a round of Hamas rockets rained in Southern Israel. According to reports, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu told his cease-fire negotiators to go home after a total of 10 rockets launched from Gaza had fallen on Tuesday. This is in violation of an …

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Jay Leno Retirement Plans Pan Out

America may have been sad to see Jay Leno leave The Tonight Show, but at least one person is glad he did it. That person is Jay Leno. In an interview with the Associated Press, Leno explained that he feels “liberated” to spend the time working on his stand up routines while traveling around the world. This week, he was …

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Obama’s Approval Rating Suffers

How’s that approval rating these days, Mr. Obama? Well to use Politician Speak, one might answer this question with,” What that question depends on entirely what you mean by an ‘approval rating.’” Although the ratings haven’t changed much since the recent State of the Union address- which is usually thought to be the main point of those things- the president …

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