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Ariel Sharon Clings To Life After 8 Years In A Coma

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is reportedly clinging to life in an Israeli hospital this Thursday. The Israeli political icon has been in a coma for eight long years and has suffered a steady deterioration in his bodily organs. Doctors believe he may not have much longer to live. “He is in critical condition and his life is definitely in danger,” said …

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Yasser Arafat: Forensics Show He May Have Been Poisoned

A report published by a team of experts from Lausanne University Hospital’s Institute of radiation now concludes that Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned. Arafat’s remains are being studied by three teams from Switzerland, France and Russia following the request of his widow, Suha. Suha had given Al Jazeera permission to access his medical records and other personal effects with …

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Cisco to Acquire Israeli video service NDS

Cisco announced today that it plans to acquire NDS Group Ltd., a video software and content security provider. Cisco makes the acquisition to complement Videoscape, their platform that allows service providers to deliver next-gen videos. The company will shell out $5 billion in the deal. Key Points Videoscape is a part of Cisco’s strategy to provide TV experience to PC …

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