Ipwalk Articles

EU Domain Grabs Lead To Lawsuits

The European Registry of Internet Domain names (EURid) suspended the registrations of over 74,000 .eu domains and accused 400 registrars of warehousing names for resale.

Dotmobi Hides Generics From Squatters

Thousands of generic words in multiple languages have been set aside by the .mobi domain registrar as Dotmobi attempts to thwart cyber-squatters who would buy those names for the sole purpose of reselling them at a hefty profit.

Brand Names Target .Mobi Market

Mobile phones have become a common presence in society all over the world, and big name companies have raced to secure their presence on the .mobi domain. The approval of the top-level domain called .mobi created a section of the Internet focused on providing a place for websites optimized for the small screens of mobile phones.

How To Keep Your Office Live Domain

IPWalk has found that Office Live has now registered over 60,000 domain names, and counting.

Typos Spell Google Cash, eBay Discounts

Depending on one’s usage, misspelling a term on the Internet can land a surfer in a nest of advertising pages or a sweet price on an eBay auction.

Microsoft Typo-Patrol May Prey On Google

Sites that pickup traffic from misspelled versions of well-known domain names frequently contain advertising served by Google AdSense and other products; Microsoft’s latest feature in the Strider URL Tracer may make hunting them down an easier prospect for trademark holders.

Ipwalk Distributes Uptime Monitoring

Through the use of a free client download from Ipwalk, users can enable realtime monitoring of their website’s uptime and any other user can check that status online.

Windows Live Registering A Lot Of Domains

IPWalk has looked at the registrar Microsoft is using for Microsoft Office Live, and shows that in just its first five days, over 4,000 domain names were registered by the service.