iPod Articles

Apple Cranks Out iPod Recycling Program

Apple offers its customers an iPod recycling program for the iPod line of products including the iPod, the iPod Mini and the iPod photo. The offer extends to one of 100 Apple retail stores and customers will receive a 10% discount on their next iPod purchase that day. Meaning one can’t take it in today and come back on Thursday to get the new iPod then. Inevitably, it will be tried.

HP Will Tattoo You With iPod Mini

A continuation of Apple’s agreement with HP allowing them to sell branded iPod music players brings the Mini to HP.

Slow iPod Sales Bite Apple In The Stocks

A nearly 5 percent slide in Apple Computer’s stock price may be the result of slowing sales of its iconic music player.

Luxpro Sends In The iPod Shuffle Clones

The Taiwan-based company has brought out at Computex two devices that bear a strong resemblance to Apple’s tiny media player.

You Want Fries With That iPod?

We have two examples of how technology is being used to slow down fast food in the hopes it will bring more people into these restaurants and keep them there a bit longer. In both cases, music plays a large role in making these environments more appealing.

Manage your iPod with Winamp

News earlier this week that the next version of iTunes will enable you to sync your podcasts directly with your iPod, without needing separate podcatching software, has been eclipsed by this news in Wired News about Winamp…

Winamp Plug-In Allows iPod Tune Management

Though only Apple’s iTunes is supposed to manage an iPod’s playlists and music, some users wanted a different jukebox option.

Podcasting Is Almost Mainstream

Is podcasting really starting to move as a serious business communication tool, never mind it’s entertainment appeal? Yet more signs:  1. iTunes to directly support podcasts…

Podcasts: How Professional Should They Sound?

Podcasts are a growing internet phenomenon. I have discussed podcasts before along with some of their possibilities and potential uses.

Warning iPod Contents Under Pressure

The iPod is a very friendly piece of hardware. Just don’t get it wet. And especially don’t take a screwdriver to it.

Will Mobile Phones Outpace the iPod?

Bill Gates predicts the mobile phone will outpace the iPod as the mp3 player of choice in the near future.

iPod Success Wont Last

Bill Gates tells the German media that Apple and its iconic music player should be ready to take a fall.

PalmOne May Challenge iPod

No formal announcement of the LifeDrive Mobile Manager yet, but Amazon.com says it will cost $500 USD.

Turn Down That iPod

The mass adoption of personal digital music players may be the harbinger of widespread hearing problems.

Nokia Finnishes IPod

Finnish phone phenomenon Nokia announced the N91 and promises to give IPod a run for their downloads with the mobile phone with a 4 gig hard disk which will hold up to 3000 songs. IPod may have their work cut out for them..

Podcasting Thrives Despite iPod Protests

Although Apple chairman Steve Jobs and an environmental group have exchanged angry words in the media about iPod batteries, podcasting continues to boom.

Targeting Through Tagvertising

Editor’s Note: In today’s issue, Steve takes a look at a new phenomenon in advertising called “tagvertising”. For example, many web users employ this form of bookmarking to keep track of items of interest, essentially, tags become online bookmarks.

Danny Sullivan Throws Water on Tagging

Search guru Danny Sullivan is dubious that tagging will be the great savior for search.

Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0?
· 1

The following is also my April column for iMedia Connection… Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0… Already? As you read this, millions of individuals are working under their own volition to create a new Dewey Decimal System for the internet.

The Future of Radio Arrives

BBC News: DJs Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn are backing a new website offering radio shows for digital audio players.

HP Announces Two New iPod Additions

Today, Hewlett-Packard announced two additions to Apple’s iPod family, giving users the ability to take their music with them, as well as their photo library. HP, who introduced the color screen to the iPod line-up, made the photo feature possible.