iPod Articles

Yahoo Launches Podcast Directory

Yahoo has launched a podcasting site, a place that’s not only a directory of podcasts but also a great resource of rich information on podcasting generally, and a one-stop-shop for your podcasts and music purchasing.

Search Is FAR From Being Done

The dinner tonight was really fun. Renee and Paul Mooney put together quite a great group of more than 30 geeks.

iPod Nano Scratched In The First Race

When Steve Jobs showed off the new iPod Nano, he turned a few heads and many started foaming at the mouth to get their hands on the pocket-sized music player. It would seem however, the pocket is the last place one would put the Nano.

iPod Nano Scratches Too Easy

iPod nano owners are raging against the machine on message board forums over how easily they scratch …

Samsung Wins

The age of the hard drive has ended, to be replaced with flash memory devices provided by Samsung and others.

iPod Owners Thieving Wasters Of Space?

Though digital music players are equipped to store something like 20,000 songs, a new study says the average number of songs per player is only 375. What’s more, less than a quarter of the songs on them were paid for.

iPod Nano… Hot Cakes

Now this is sexy! Today Apple announced the iPod nano, a very elegant, slim digital player that supersedes the iPod Mini (which is no longer listed on Apple’s website but is there if you know the URL).

Apple Introduces an Even Smaller iPod

Apple today announced that they are doing away with the iPod mini, as the company introduced the new iPod nano, which is even smaller but can hold up to 4GB.

New iPod Cellphone Will Expand Citizen Marketing

iPod says “Hello Moto.” At least, The New York Times is cautiously suggesting it will ….

Google Thinks I’m a Wiener

An Oscar Mayer Wiener to be exact. Here’s a fun example of the power of blogs, and search engines.

Apple Opens Trenchcoat On iPod Mini

Apple’s pickin’ a lot of bushels for Samsung’s NAND Flash memory chips, buying 40% of Samsung’s output to put them in Apple’s newest iPod sapling, the iPod Mini. The tiny little chips will be seeded into the Mini fruit in time for the holiday season.

Apple Adds Video To iPod…Trademark

An updated filing with the USPTO shows Apple has added video files to the Goods and Services description in the iPod trademark record.

Smart Companies Stimulate Disruptive Thinking

How do large companies continue to innovate and respond rapidly to new opportunities as if they were start-ups, asks the Financial Times?

HP Punts Fiorina’s iPod Sales Initiative

CEO Mark Hurd seems intent on purging HP of the effect of just about every decision ex-CEO Carly Fiorina made during her tenure.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Media

I like listening to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code as background listening as I’m working. That’s how I usually listen to radio – background listening while I’m doing something else.

Apple Seeding New iPod

Apple announced their 500 millionth download and with it, 10 iPods and an iTunes gift card for 10,000 and free trip to go see Coldplay. Nice. This statistic show just how much iTunes is dominating the market over other download services. So what can Apple do for an encore? I want my iPodTV.

Video iPod Possibilities Seen

Various members of the media industry have been told about discussions between Apple and major music companies about licensing music videos.

Sony Bites Apple In The iPod

Apple’s iPod had enjoyed quite a run as an innovative device for listening to mp3s in a small portable format and it has stayed at the top of the charts for quite some time now.

Concert Downloads As The Crow Flies

A Nashville holding company has launched Crowfly, which will offer downloads of concerts.

Logitech Debuts Wireless iPod Headphones

A Bluetooth-enabled accessory allows users of the iconic media player to cut the headphone cord.

Konfabulator 2 rocks

This says it all about the folks behind the latest version of Konfabulator, an application that lets you run a wide range of programs called widgets on your desktop.