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Microsofts Criteria For A (non-iPod) Portable Player

Microsoft has released a guide for picking the right portable audio player, focusing on ten criteria:

Microsoft: too business oriented to get Web 2.0?

Kaliya, Identity Woman, says that to Microsoft we are just customers. “It seems to me that their language regarding those of us who use their stuff – customers. Individuals who buy stuff most notably not creators.”

Apple And The Love Of Blockbuster

Steve Jobs will take the big blue and yellow signs along with the customer lists Blockbuster owns and turn them into an Apple digital video empire, in a scenario contemplated by pundit Robert X. Cringely.

How An iPod Can Get You Killed

This had to have come out of California-or Japan where all things cute and stupid sell like snow cones in Hell at high summer. First it was doggie sweaters, now it’s iPod lingerie. Yes, you just saw those two words together.

Ebays Delisting iPod Seller Raises Questions

The iPod Age is defined by a trick question. If a person buys digital content, do they really own it? So far the answers braved have been “yes and no,” “um, maybe,” “well, sometimes,” and “only if the big money distributors don’t get mad about it.” Not about to take on that question, eBay recently took down a listing for a 60-gigabyte video iPod preloaded with 11,800 songs.

Google, iPod Give Noogies To Competition

Nearly three times as many shoppers chose Google over Yahoo! to search for holiday bargains. If a percent were a person, MSN was searched by a dwarf-only .79% of Shopping and Classified site traffic originated from Redmond. And if you’re name’s “mp3 player,” you’ll always be the less talented and unnoticed older brother of iPod. Welcome, MSN and mp3 player, to Charlie Murphy status.

If youre at CES Friday

Come over to Lora Heiny’s monster geek/tablet/blogger meetup at the Aladdin Desert Passage shopping area at 4 p.m.

Windows Getting Movies Before The iPod

The Starz cable channel plans to unveil its Vongo service, which will allow subscribers to download movies to portable video players.

Apples iPod Year And Other Groovy Stuff

A number of tech companies have had big years but none may have had a bigger year than Apple. Apple has become of a part of the zeitgeist as much as pop stars and famous actors. It’s all because of a little handheld music player called the iPod.

No iPod Tax For Japan

Technophile Japanese buyers of portable media players may have received a break as a government committee declined to support a proposed tax.

Listen To Mamma, You’ll Get There

The popular meta-search engine Mamma.com has added the search capabilities provided by SLI Systems’ Related Search technology that automatically suggests ways to refine your queries by “learning from search behavior.”

Disney to Provide ‘iPod’ Content Insurance

A disaster befalling an iPod usually means having to repurchase content, but a plan from major content provider Disney will cover those lost songs and videos.

An Online Christmas Carol: Part I

There is so much to tell you, it’s hard to find where to start. Start at the beginning? No, I think we’ll start with today. Today is Cyber Monday, the latest buzz-phrase hitting commerce news and the online answer to the frantic, good-will-towards-men elbowing and man-handling that occurs on Black Friday, all in the name of a guy who told us to give all our stuff away, not collect more. Ahem. Sorry bout the preachin’.

TiVo Shrinks To iPod Level

Video recording service, TiVo, Inc. announced an enhancement to its current TiVoToGo feature that will allow TiVo subscribers to easily transfer recorded television programming to Apple’s iPod or Sony PlayStationPortable devices.

Burger King Heavy Into iPod Shorts

The home of the Whopper has become a sponsor for short films on Heavy.com, a move that will likely see other marketers follow for a chance to be seen by video iPods buyers.

Suicide Girls Committed To iPod Video

iPod Video has caught the hearts and wallets of America but one concern was content. While Disney has provided a few bones in for download, edgy content is always appreciated. To that end, the Suicide Girls have created a stir.

Video ‘iPod’ Beyond Disney And ABC

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced “one more thing” would be the video iPod with ABC content available through iTunes 6.

The Secret Of Apple’s Success
· 1

Apple may be just a minor player in the computer and consumer electronics industries in terms of revenue ($14 billion in fiscal 2005) and market share (less than 5% worldwide) but…

2006: The Year of Vidcasting and Advercasting

If 2005 was the year consumer generated audio (e.g. podcasting) took off, yesterday’s launch…

ABC Affiliates Complain About ‘iPod’ Videos

Apple launched the video iPod, and Disney CEO Bob Iger has agreed to sell episodes of some ABC and Disney programming through iTunes.

The Video ‘iPod’ Success Roadmap

The journey starts in Cupertino, but a little help from the Walt Disney Company could drive sales of the video iPod at home and abroad.