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Is Nike+iPod Sports Kit Tracking You?

Researchers at the University of Washington report findings that the Apple Nike+iPod Sports Kit can be used as a tracking device.

Podcast Audience Increasing

The audience for podcasts may be small but there are signs of growth. A report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, says that 12 percent of Internet users have downloaded a podcast so they listen to it or watch it at a later time.

Juicier Apple iPod By 2012

Apple iPod has already revolutionized the face of portable music players, and one Google executive says the best is yet to come.

Race For The Music-Playing Phone

Apple, creator or portable music player dominant the iPod, has begun training to defeat both Nokia and Microsoft in the race for music-playing phone supremacy.

Zune Is No Apple, It’s a Lemon

If you didn’t see any lines coming from your local electronics store and wrapping around the block, you weren’t the only one. Microsoft’s big debut of it’s Zune digital music player turned out to be an even bigger let down.

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…. It’s An iPod

Apple’s iPod has already conquered land, now it’s conquering air with the integration of iPod into airline’s in-flight entertainment systems. What’s next for iPod, scuba gear integration?

Is Zune The iPod Killer?

You would think an epic battle was being fought if you listened to the hype being generated about Microsoft releasing an “equivalent” to Apple’s iPod. Who will win the war of the digital music players: iPod or Zune?

Microsoft Goes Universal

Proving that Microsoft is not the monopoly in all aspects of computer technology, the company has reached an agreement that they hope will help the Zune digital music player compete with Apple iPod.

Apple Documents Mention Touch-Screen iPod

While Steve Jobs and his Apple lackies are notorious for being tight-lipped about upcoming products, an Apple feature-guide editor may have accidentally confirmed upcoming touch-screen iPod models.

Zune vs. iPod Comparisons

I just saw this list of Zune vs. iPod comparisons over on the Zune Insider Blog. I still don’t have enough data. But my son just bought an 80GB iPod. It’ll be interesting to try a Zune out.

Apple Launches All But The Queen Mary

New iPods, an updated iTunes 7 complete with Movie Store, and a deal with Disney for full-length movies were all part of Apple’s Showtime event.

Can Hard Drive Phones KILL THE iPOD?
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A new wave of mobile phones equipped with tiny yet powerful hard disk drives is threatening to put an end to the meteoric rise of the iPod as the public’s favourite portable digital music player.

Microsoft’s iPod Killer Gets Expanded Duties

Microsoft’s rumored iPod killer may be much, much, more than that. In addition to its own features, the product, codenamed Argo, could be part of a larger line of "Xbox-branded digital-media products" in the works.

And it’s possible it won’t make it out by Christmas, as earlier reports indicated.

Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times broke this news thanks to "some research, reporting and information from a source close to the project."

Microsoft To Market Its Own iPod?

Microsoft is working on its own version of the iPod, according to a number of reports circulating. The wireless product could even be out by Christmas. A music service will supposedly be paired with it-possibly an all-new one.

iPod Setting Apple Up for Reputation Sabotage?

Let’s play a quick game of word association. If someone is about to sneeze, what do you hand them?

Blogs Reaching ‘iPod’ Status

The USA Today has a feature on the rise of blogs as a platform for social interaction.

TV Acknowledges The Power Of The Internet

At the PRSA Western District conference in LA on Friday there was talk in the buzz marketing session about how audiences are moving to the Internet. Even the studios acknowledged that they will be offering episodes of popular shows online.

New way to Distribute Software…

Disclaimer: I got these for free to try out, although I’ll be giving away both things at the Gnomedex conference in June.

Apple Thinks Delay With New iPod

Problems with the next iteration of the video iPod from Apple involve its touch screen and display according to the latest set of Apple rumors making the rounds.

Studying the CompetitorsVia my Son

Ted Wallingford writes: “If I were Steve [Ballmer], I would allow my kids to use Google and the iPod, observe their activities, and find out just what the heck Google and Apple are doing right! Will the Microsoft ever learn? Come on, little Microsoft!! I’m pulling for you I really am!”

iPod In Google Maps Or Not

This looks funnier than it is, what appears a lot like an iPod in Google Maps.