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New SEMPO Survey Open

The 4th annual SEMPO State of the Search Marketing Industry survey is now open. If you work client side, agency side or independent, be sure to take this survey and make your voice heard.

Google Announces Trends for Google Checkout

As we come up to the last days of fee-free merchant services from Google Checkout, the Official Google Checkout Blog announced yesterday that they now have Google Checkout Trends. Patterned after Google Trends, GCT shows relative revenues from Google Checkout merchants.

Google Cooler Than Ducati?

On a new “coolest brands” list, Google didn’t manage to come in first, second, or third.  Gasp!  The search giant didn’t rank fourth, either.  But Google did get fifth place, and, considering some of the other companies on the list, there’s absolutely no shame in that.

Eminem, YouTube Give Apple Some Bad Joojoo
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It’s been kind of a rocky month for Apple, the iPhone, and for AT&T as a lot of people have lined up to take shots at them. Who and what for? Rapper Eminem is one of the bigger names, who joins another in misplaced copyright infringement claims, while rumors, hype, and hidden costs plague the minds (and pocketbooks) of others.

So Far, eBay Sticks to Its Guns
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Nobody’s certain except Google and eBay how much money left Google’s bottom line with eBay yanked its AdWords campaign. But one thing is certain, though Google tried to make a concession early, eBay means business and has continued not advertising on Google for a solid week.

Is This iPerv Week or What?

I didn’t torture myself to investigate as to whether there was a season for weird Internet sex stories in the press, but as for 2007, iPerv Week is May 21-25.

Drivers More Active Online

People who frequently drive are more active online and savvy than the average consumer, according to Scarborough Research.

They found that the top 20 percent of U.S. adult drivers in terms of miles logged were 48 percent more likely than the average consumer to have spent $1,000 or more online in the past year. Seventeen percent were more likely to have broadband and 28 percent more likely to have spent 20 hours or more online weekly.

Teens Lead On Tech, Tweens Follow

Teenagers 17 and older are leaders when it comes to adopting new technology and are twice as likely to be early users of some key new technologies as younger teens according to a JupiterResearch report "Teens and New Technology: Understanding the Adoption Cycle".

Book-On-Tape, Meet RSS On iPod

MagneticTime has launched a new version of their iNewsCaster, formerly known as the MT-Personal NewsCaster. The iNewsCaster Version 2.0 has a new look and features better functionality with a built in Web browser. The iNewsCaster allows users to listen to all of their personalized RSS feeds on their iPod, PDA, cell phone or desktop.

Zune 2.0 To Hit The Streets In ’07

Microsoft plans to follow up the lackluster release of its first generation Zune portable media player with a new model by the end of the year.

The Zune 2.0 will come with standard and flash based drives, but will it manage to garner more market share than its predecessor?

Some labeled the Zune as a potential “iPod Killer” in the hype preceding the device’s launch last year.

Yahoo & Friends to Challenge iPod

A new consortium of challengers has banded together to dethrone Apple as the undisputed champion of portable media devices. Yahoo, Sandisk, and Zing have teamed up to release a new wireless mp3 player that the companies hope will steal away some market share from the iPod.

Zune Marketplace Takes EMI’s Lead
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The iTunes Music Store may be the first to offer DRM-free songs from EMI artists, but the Zune Marketplace won’t be far behind. Microsoft has plans to make the premium tracks available for download from its online store in the near future, and believes this move can only help promote healthier competition between the Zune and the iPod.

The Upfront For A Theoretical YouTube Killer
In an recent article on MarketingVox with the headline “Advertisers Line up at YouTube Killer’s Door” they talk about how big advertisers are all getting behind a video site being planned by NBC. Wow, what a great idea, ignore the site that is serving 100 million video clips a day and put your advertising dollars into a site that no one cares about or is likely to care about.
Searchers Say: ‘The iPod Is So 2006′

Remember all that caterwauling outside of MacWorld a couple of weeks ago? The ecstatic throngs seizing up and falling to the floor upon sight of the iPhone, bringing back memories of Michael Jackson tours in the Eighties where girls would cry themselves into comas? Yeah, well, if searches for the term “iPhone” are any indication, expect that mass market hysteria to continue.

Some Dudes Like The Zune
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After non-stop criticism throughout the Internet of Microsoft’s entry into the portable media player market, the Zune has attracted the attention of males in a couple of age categories.

Zune Searchers Are Just Looking

Hitwise has done an interesting analysis of searches related to iPod and Microsoft’s three-week old competitor Zune. In just under a month, Microsoft has peaked curiosity, but buyers seem reluctant to buy.

Wii Tops iPod For Most Wanted Christmas Gadget
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A glut of web searches for the Nintendo Wii has made it the most desirable gadget for Christmas, surpassing the perennial iPod for the top spot. To emphasize this point, the Wii was launched in the UK last week and it sold all 50000 of the available consoles in 12 hours, making the sale rate for the Wii at 1 console sold per second.

Will it blend an iPod?

I love “Will it Blend?”

iPod And Pirates Top AOL Search

People querying for information through AOL’s Search and Video Search products made Allen Iverson, Barbie, and Brangelina top results in various categories, but for overall search a couple of commonplace things were the most highly searched.

Spot 2007 Trends with YouTube

Trend blog PSFK figured out a great way to leverage crowdscourcing and social media to round up 2007 trend predictions.

Update: Apple iPhone Details

New details emerge regarding the specifics of the Apple iPhone; Palm CEO says it is no threat.