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Facebook IPO Filed: View SEC Doc Here

In one of the most anticipated filings in quite some time, Facebook has officially filed their S-1, and it looks like they’ve filed to raise $5 billion. Facebook has announced some interesting stats along with the IPO, including: We had 845 million MAUs as of December 31, 2011, an increase of 39% as compared to 608 million MAUs as of …

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Facebook IPO May Be Slightly Delayed

All you eager people waiting to cash in on Facebook’s IPO may have to wait one more day. The rumor being passed around by several sources is that Facebook won’t be filing its IPO until this afternoon according to All Things D. This means that the filing will take place after the markets close. A major bummer to all those …

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Twitter CEO: Don’t Worry About Censorship

Twitter users are pretty angry over the company’s new censorship policy. Twitter’s CEO thinks you worry too much. PC Mag is reporting that Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo spoke Monday evening at the “Dive Into Media” conference hosted by All Things D. He spoke extensively on their censorship policy hoping to put the public at ease. Costolo says that the new …

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Facebook IPO Won’t Change The Company

Did you hear? Facebook is popular. So popular in fact that they may be going public to the tune of $100 billion dollars. That’s not the exciting news though. Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde recently interviewed Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships for Facebook. Out of the interview came the tidbit that over 5 billion songs have been shared on Facebook …

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Facebook IPO: What Will Change?

Facebook is being valued between $75 billion and $100 billion and is planning to go public sometime in the next six months. In 2011 Facebook’s revenue grew to $3.8 billion. That means between 2009 and 2011 they grew 127% per year. Their IPO is much anticipated but there are some who believe that this will have very little impact on …

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Battle For Facebook Listing: NASDAQ or NYSE ?

No doubt the Initial Public Offering of Facebook stock is the most anticipated since Google went public. With equity-trading volume’s down for both platforms, the NASDAQ and the NYSE are in a battle to win the listing. Securing Facebook could have a synergistic effect for the winner platform however it is doubtful that it will significantly change listing revenues at …

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Facebook IPO Coming In May 2012?

It appears that the biggest tech IPO in history could be coming in just about four months. According to multiple sources, the highly-anticipated Facebook public offering is set for the third week of May. All Things D cites multiple sources, saying that although this date is subject to a split-second change, late May is definitely the target right now. This …

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Twitter IPO for 2013?

Investors are growing excited about the possibility of Twitter going public in the near future. There are many who feel this is an inevitability and there is some evidence to support their theories. In the following video Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman talks about the possibility of an initial public offering by Twitter Inc in the upcoming year. First off, private trading …

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Facebook Claims 10% of World

Perhaps you’ve heard of Facebook… With an IPO rumored for 2012, Facebook is big news. The infographic below will flood you with angles on the potential effects of the IPO, but here are a few interesting tidbits to chew on: * The Facebook IPO is projected to be worth $10 Billion dollars. * Google’s IPO was $1.67 Billion * AT&T’s …

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