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Wright Express Prices IPO

Wright Express announced that the initial public offering of 40 million shares of its common stock was priced at $18.00 per share.

Ready Mix Files for IPO

Meadow Valley’s Ready Mix Inc. (RMI), has filed a registration statement with the SEC for the IPO of 1,000,000 shares of RMI common stock.

Google IPO Round Up

The majority of the search engine public knows about Google’s IPO, unless you’ve been hiding in a cave the last couple of weeks. Since their shares have been available to the public last Thursday, many articles have been written about the search engine’s adventures on Wall Street.

Google IPO Price Set As Trading Set To Begin

As Google’s IPO shares prepare to be sold for the first time, the opening price has been finalized at $85 a share. Yesterday, it was reported that Google was lowering the price and reducing the amount of shares that would be available to the public.

Lindows Officially Postpones IPO

Lindows, Inc. today announced that it has elected to postpone the previously announced initial public offering of its common stock due to current adverse market conditions.

Google Slashes Size & Cost Of Its IPO

California based search engine, Google Inc., slashed both the size and cost of its initial public offer. The new price for the shares will be between $85 and $95.

Google Reduces Price And Size Of IPO

Continuing the roller coaster-style of ride since they filed notice, Google has reduced the size and the cost of their Initial Public Offering. The search engine giant filed another amendment with the SEC that detailed the changes Google would be making.

Online Betting Service Predicts Another Google IPO Price Drop

Based on Betting Action, SportsBook911.com Previously Predicted First Google IPO Slash, and Now Says it will Happen Again Based on Onslaught of ‘Under’ Betting.

Googles IPO Auction Set To Open Today

Google expects to open the auction for the shares of Google’s Class A common stock at 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Friday, August 13, 2004.

Thoughts on Google’s IPO

For the past nine months the financial and Internet world has been watching Google in anticipation of what could be the largest Initial Public Offering of stock in history. If you are reading this column and have not been living on Mars for the past year, you know that Google is about to go public, and soon. The stock options are being offered to investors using an unorthodox method known as a Dutch Auction. The site taking registrations and bids is scheduled to close tomorrow at 5:00PM, Eastern Daylight Time.

Google IPO Registration To Close August 12, 2004

Yesterday Google announced the closing of bidder registration to end at 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday, August 12, 2004. The auction for shares of Google’s Class A common stock will commence soon thereafter. You must have a bidder ID if you intend to submit a bid in the auction for Google’s Class A common stock.

Googles IPO Might Be Delayed

Google, search engine giant, unfortunately might have to delay its much anticipated $3.3 billion IPO to wait on more fund managers.

Googles IPO: The $30 Billion Question

“If Google manages to pull off a well received IPO, how do you measure a well received IPO”? That’s a question posed by CBS Marketwatch lead reporter Bambi Francisco. Google has got to be Google in many ways by being the exception to the rule. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they follow suite with their IPO. Curiosities aside, are investors excited?

IPO Registration Site Launched By Google

Google, the search engine giant, launched a site on Friday where investors can register to bid for the company’s shares.

Google Hit By MyDoom Variant?

A number of the top US search engines were allegedly affected by a variant of the MyDoom worm, with the most notable being Google. The timing of this fast spreading worm couldn’t have come at a worse time for the California based search engine. They had just released the details of their multi-billion dollar IPO.

Googles IPO To Long In The Making?

With Google’s landmark IPO expected to be begin this week, it does seem like time is not going to be on their side.

Google Could Announce IPO Price Range This Week

Google is moving closer to disclosing the proposed share price range for its IPO (initial public offer). The Wall Street Journal reported Monday this disclosure could come as early as this week. This progression is a sign that Google is getting close to its $2.7 billion IPO, which may come early as next month.

Google Expects IPO To Be Completed Soon

Google, the most widely used search engine today, is hoping to complete the final testing phase in order to go forward with its highly anticipated IPO. Google announced its intentions to go public on April 29th. The offering is expected to raise $2.7 billion.

Bet On Google IPO

Feel like the Google IPO is a safe bet? You could always roll the dice and see if they come up in your favor. Numerous online bookmakers have begun taking bets on what will happen to Google’s stock prices once they hit the stock market in August.

Google IPO Has Wall Street Working Overtime

The dynamics of Google’s $2.7 billion IPO is causing a great deal of work for the Wall Street brokerage houses involved. In preparation for the offering, these houses, while working diligently, may not receive the type of return normally associated with an offering of this size.

Google Update – IPO, SERPS, Open & Outsourcing, GMAIL

Over the past seven years, it is fairly safe to say that the use of search engines has revolutionized our methods of finding and valuing information. Almost any activity involving research from personal travel planning to corporate business planning has been made far easier through the use of search engines. When one search tool or firm dominates as Google has for the past three years, it will get a lot more attention from the public and the media. Case in point, Google. Synonymous with search, Google has changed the world. For the most part, Google has made it a better place to live. That in itself justifies the intense scrutiny constantly focused at virtually every move made in the Googleplex. The fact they are changing rapidly further justifies the public and media interest and the hoopla.