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AT&T Launches FamilyMap For iPhone

AT&T has introduced its FamilyMap App for the iPhone, which allows users to track the location of family members.

Users can download the FamilyMap the App Store on iPhone or at iTunes. Users can track tow phones on an account for $9.99 a month or up to five phone for $14.99 per month. The FamilyMap App can also be used on most other AT&T smartphones. Previously the app was only available via a desktop.

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Steve Jobs On Google: An Evil Antagonist?

Two important tech corporations that used to be friends may now officially be at war.  Although an exact quote’s proven difficult to come by, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying that Google’s an aggressor, and even implying that the company is in the habit of doing evil things.

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Possible Outcomes Of The iPhone Becoming A Non-AT&T Exclusive

The folks at Apple just need to wake of in the morning to create news of all sorts that could shape the online world in many ways. First, there’s the talk about some profits in Q1 that would make any company happy (The company posted revenue of $15.68 billion and a net quarterly profit of $3.38 billion, or $3.67 per diluted share).

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Google Voice Makes Way to iPhone, Palm WebOS

Google is launching the Google Voice app for both the iPhone and Palm WebOS. It is an HTML5 app, which the company says provides users with a "fast and versatile" mobile experience, because of its use of the latest advancements in web technologies.

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Android Tops iPhone In Mobile Trends Report

Myxer, which is behind an eponymous mobile entertainment destination, issued the first of what’s supposed to become a monthly report this week, and its stats favor Android.  Indeed, the Android operating system apparently showed up the iPhone in several respects.

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White House Releases iPhone App, Mobile Site on the Way

The White House has announced the release of the official White House iPhone app, as well as a plan to launch a mobile version of With the app, iPhone and iPod touch users can access content from

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Bing Might Replace Google As iPhone Search Engine

Allow us to save you a couple of moments by verifying that today isn’t April 1st and that pigs haven’t taken to the sky.  Now, there’s little left to do aside from break the news: Apple and Microsoft are supposed to be in talks to make Bing the iPhone’s default search engine.

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Google Tailors Mobile Search Suggestions to Location

Google has launched search suggestions based on geographical location for iPhone and Android devices. This is currently only available in the United States.

"Typing a query into the search box on a phone can often be slow and difficult," says Google’s Mobile Engineering Team. "For this reason, relevant search suggestions that match your intended query can meaningfully reduce the time and effort it takes to submit a search."

Read More Launches iPhone App, the website for the National Association of Realtors, has launched a Real Estate Search iPhone app.

Users can search for every property listed on by price, location, property type, MLS ID number, square foot, lot size, open house events, distance from a user’s current location and age.

The real estate iPhone app allows users to send a link of a specific property via email, Twitter or Facebook to family, friends or a realtor.

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Google Simplifies Finding Nearby Businesses from Your Phone

Google has released what is called the "Near me Now" feature for the iPhone and Android browser. The feature shows nearby businesses by category based on the user’s location.

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Zillow Grows More Than 50% In 2009

Real estate website said today it broke multiple records for site traffic and user activity in 2009.

An average of 8.2 million unique users visited Zillow each month during 2009, which is an increase of 57 percent year-over-year.

"2009 was a wild year for real estate, with continued home value declines, government intervention, record low mortgage rates, and an enormous amount of consumer uncertainty about what the future holds," said Spencer Rascoff, Zillow’s chief operating officer.

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LinkedIn For iPhone 3.0 Launches

Professionals who both own iPhones and are members of LinkedIn are in for a treat.  LinkedIn for iPhone 3.0 has been released, and the new app (which remains free) represents an improvement over the old one in almost every way.

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Apple Fans Respond To The “Droid Does” Advertising Campaign

The Motorola Droid advertising campaign is in full swing, and I’m sure by now you’ve seen the commercials, if not you can see the commercial below. Basically, the campaign is all about taking digs at the iPhone while showing Motorola’s support for the Android OS.

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November Showed Significant Growth for Android

AdMob, which is in the process of being acquired by Google (regulators are still eyeing the deal), has released its Novemeber Mobile Metrics report. The themes for this one are that the Launch of new devices drove Android growth and the rise of smartphones resulted in a sharp increase in WiFi usage.

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Microsoft Launches Bing iPhone App, Addresses Issues

Update: Microsoft has addressed a few issues with the iPhone app that have been discovered. On the Bing Search Blog, Justin Jed of Bing for Mobile talks about three known issues:

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Android Crowds iPhone In New comScore Report

In several key respects, the Android platform has almost caught up to the iPhone, according to new statistics from comScore.  There are still a lot more iPhones floating around in the great, wide world, of course, but otherwise, Android’s doing extremely well.

Let’s start with the table below.  It illustrates that, more than the average smartphone user, Android users do a lot of things other than talk.  This is important since it could mean that Android devices aren’t becoming buy-and-forget paperweights; owners actually enjoy using them.

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Amazon Kindle Comes to iPhone in Over 60 Countries

Amazon has released an iPhone app for the Kindle to over 60 countries. Now users in a total of 64 countries can read Kindle books on their iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

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The iPhone Gets a New Google Mobile App

Google announced that the new version of its Google Mobile app for the iPhone was approved and is now available in the App Store. The new version includes a redesigned search results display that shows more results at once. It also opens web pages from the results within the app.

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New Mobile Payment System Aimed At Small Businesses

Is it hip to be square again? Maybe according to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. His new startup, called Square, is a mobile payments (credit card processing) system that appeals to small businesses. But is he targeting the right customers?

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University Creates iPhone Orchestra

iPhones are being used as musical instruments in a new class taught at the University of Michigan.

The students who design, build and play instruments on their iPhones, will perform a free public concert on December 9.

The course called "Building a Mobile Phone Ensemble" is believed to be the first of its kind. The class is taught by Georg Essl, a computer scientist and musician who has been working on developing mobile phones as musical instruments.

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Black Friday 2009: The Best Deals On The Items You Want

Is there a better way to kick off the Holiday season then slowly dragging yourself out of your tryptophan induced coma to go shopping during the wee hours of the day after Thanksgiving a.k.a. Black Friday?

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Google Earth For iPhone 2.0 Arrives

iPhone users with an interest in geography have a reason to cheer today: a certain search giant has released version 2.0 of Google Earth for iPhone, and the software has been improved in just about every way.

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Fox Launches iPhone DVD Trivia App

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has launched an iPhone and computer application called FoxPop, aimed at offering users a more interactive experience while they watch DVDs or Blu-ray Disc.

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Apple App Store Hits 100,000

Apple said today developers have created over 100,000 apps for its App Store, making it the largest application store in the world.

iPhone and iPod touch users in 77 countries can choose from a range of apps in 20 categories, including games, business, news, sports, health, reference and travel. App Store users have downloaded over two billion apps since the launch of the store 16 months ago.

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iPhone Most Popular Touchscreen Device

Touchscreen mobile phone adoption in the U.S. showed a significant 159 percent growth rate during the past year to 23.8 million users, according to a new report from comScore.

The growth in touchscreen device adoption outpaced the already strong 63 percent growth in U.S. adoption of smartphones.

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UPS Launches App For iPhone Users

UPS has introduced a new application for iPhone and iPod touch users that ships and tracks packages and also uses built-in GPS features to find the closest UPS store.

Available at the APP Store, the new UPS Mobile APP for iPhone allows users to track shipments, create shipments using the My UPS address book, calculate shipping rates and time-in-transit.

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Disney Rolls Out iPhone App

The app features Disney content including characters, music, video and games. Disney says content in the app will be updated regularly with the latest news and entertainment from the company.

The new Disney App offers a "Click2Life" feature, which works by allowing iPhone users to take pictures of images from that will come to life within the app and turn into a 3D image.

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Is Google Wave Getting An App Store?

The rollout for Google Wave seems to be going a bit slower than anyone would like, but this hasn’t stopped Google from discussing its plans for the future. During the Google Wave GTUG (Google Technology User Group) meeting in London the company the company released one interesting detail that has the web buzzing.

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Verizon CEO on iPhone: It’s Entirely Apple’s Call

Recently during a third-quarter conference call Verizon CEO, Ivan Seidenberg, stated that bringing the iPhone to Verizon is a decision that is totally up to Apple. Do you think the iPhone will ever be on Verizon? Tell us what you think.

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Android Users Outspending iPhone Counterparts

Is it better to have tons of customers, or some who are willing to spend a little more?  Well, whatever its corporate stance, it seems that Google has found its way into the second category with Android, according to one company’s findings.

WhitePages specializes in exactly what you might expect: phone-related apps.  More specifically, think phone directories and caller ID.  And WhitePages peddles its apps to both Android and iPhone users, so it has a decent understanding of both markets.

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Codename Keychest: Disney’s New Film View Technology

Disney has been diligently working on a new technology, code-named Keychest, that would give users the ability to watch a movie from any device imaginable.

Does Disney’s Keychest sound interesting to you? Tell us.

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Google’s Panoramio Gets an iPhone App

Google has released a new iPhone app for Panoramio, which lets users upload photos right from their iPhone.

"Tens of millions of mobile users own a device with a good camera and GPS," said Fernando Delgado of Panoramio. "We realize that a lot of these users may want to share photos of places with the rest of the world via Google Maps and Google Earth."

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Want Ochocinco on your iPhone? There

The self-proclaimed "Interesting One", Chad Ochocinco, has taken the social media scene by storm. His Twitter account currently has 250,892 followers and his Ustream show has 3,353 followers and over 180,000 views. So what’s the next logical step for a social media savvy NFL star? Well, now he’s going mobile.

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MapQuest Launches Navigator iPhone App

Update: MapQuest has now issued a pricing update on the official blog:

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iCrossing Launches Social Media App For iPhone

Digital marketing firm, iCrossing has released a free iPhone social media monitoring application called "Say What?"

The app works by scanning the most active social media networks for a keyword or phrase, and returns a real-time snapshot of what is being said.

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Google Gives Mobile Searchers More Options

As you may recall, Google launched its "search options" feature earlier this year. This is a set of filtering options users can engage for their search results. They include things like blogs, books, images, video, forum results, timeframe, etc.

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Android Demands as Much Marketing Attention as iPhone

At Search Marketing Expo East in New York, where WebProNews is on location, Michael Martin of Internet Marketing Inc. delivered a presentation about the growing Android market. He spoke about how Android is becoming an increasingly important mobile platform for marketers to keep in mind. In other words, it’s not just about the iPhone.

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Yahoo Pushes Sponsored Search to iPhones and Android

  • Yahoo announced that Yahoo Sponsored Search ads now appear on iPhones and Android devices. 

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Get Gmail Messages Pushed to Your iPhone

Back in February Google launched the beta version of Google Sync. This allowed Google users to sync their Gmail contacts and Google Calendar events to their iPhones or Windows Mobile devices (Android already synced data). The feature did not come with the ability to sync actual mail, however. That has now changed.

The addition of "push Gmail" support has been a heavily requested feature ever since Google Sync was launched.

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Apple May Have Some Explaining to Do Over Google Voice

There was a lot of hoopla made regarding Apple’s banning of Google Voice from its App Store. Fingers were pointed, names were (probably) called. Today Google announced that the FCC has made its letter (pdf) available to the public. The letter reveals what Google claims to be the explanation it got from Apple about why it would not accept its Google Voice app (as well as Google Latitude).

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Google Utilized to “Make History” for 9/11 Remembrance

Google has been criticized by some in the past for not featuring 9/11 doodles on the home page on the anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. Google is, however, pointing to a site from the company’s official blog, that invites people to "share their experiences of 9/11 and its aftermath in an effort to preserve the memories of that time."

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iTunes 9 Improves Sharing and Syncing

Apple introduced the newest version of iTunes today in version 9. It has a number of new features including:

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Flickr Added To The iPhone App Store

Yahoo has released three new mobile applications for the iPhone and the BlackBerry.

Flickr for mobile has launched as iPhone app allowing users to upload, share and tag photos and videos while staying connected to the Flickr community. iPhone users can down the app via the iTunes App store.

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Microsoft Launches Bing Developer Kit for iPhone/Mac

Microsoft announced that the Bing iPhone and Mac software developer kit (SDK) is available for download at Bing’s CodePlex. It is open source under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

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Facebook Expanding Staff By Around 50%

While we continue to slog our way through the economy (is it getting better, staying the same or worse?) there are a few companies that are defying the general downward trends. Apple’s iPhone has let them weather the storm quite nicely. Apparently, Facebook is doing quite fine as well.

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Smartphone Sales Up 47% In Q2

In terms of sales of mobile phones in the U.S. feature phones still account for a considerable share of the market, even as smartphone sales continue to increase their share of overall handset sales, according to a new report from The NPD Group.

Sales of new feature phones decreased 5 percent to 72 percent of new handset sales in the second quarter, while sales of new smartphones reached 28 percent of overall purchases, a 47 percent increase year-over-year.

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Facebook For iPhone 3.0 Has Been Submitted To Apple

Soon you’ll be able take better control of your Facebook account as Facebook for iPhone 3.0 has been sent to Apple for approval.

Are you looking forward to the new Facebook app? Let us know.

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ÜberTwitter Still Busted – That’s ÜberLame

Most Twitter users are back online after the DoS attack that brought the microblogging site to its knees. Notice how I used the word "most"? Blackberry users who use the popular ÜberTwitter app are still having some major issues.

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YouTube Launches Site for Smartphones

Smartphone users now have their own version of YouTube. The company says that smartphone users with "capable" browsers like the iPhone, G1, and Palm Pre can access the mobile site.

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Android Device, iPhone About To Rumble In China

In case you were in search of one, here’s another good reason for Eric Schmidt to have stepped down from Apple’s board of directors: devices relying on the Android operating system are about to take a run at the iPhone in China. 

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Webtrends Launches Analytics 9

With new features and iPhone capability, Webtrends Analytics 9 is positioned to regain users and possibly take back the analytics crown from Google.

Webtrends Analytics 9

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Businesses Increasingly Looking to iPhone Apps

iPhoneAppQuotes, which puts businesses together with iPhone developers, has released some interesting findings. The company has noticed a shift in app development trends.

"Business apps are proving to be the most popular category of apps as entrepreneurs and small businesses realize the marketing and additional revenue stream potential the iPhone creates," says Founder Gregg Weiss.

Some of iPhoneAppsQuotes’ findings include:

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Forget the TV, Now the Revolution Will Be Twittered

Assuming haven’t spent the past 5 years under a rock, you can’t help but be aware of how much our social interaction and communications habits are changing. As a matter of fact, it’s getting to the point that hiding under a rock is less and less of an option. Most rocks these days are in 3G coverage areas and the few that aren’t will be shortly.

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Yahoo Syncs the New Homepage to Mobile

Today Yahoo announced that PC to mobile sync of the new Yahoo homepage is available on over 400 devices in 17 countries. This means if you set up your customized version of the new Yahoo homepage on your computer, you can easily set it up to be the same way on your phone.

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Google Voice Completely Banned From Apple’s App Store

UPDATE: There is a Twitition floating around asking "Apple to unblock Google Voice App".

If you wish to sign it, go here.

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iPhone Finally Gets a Google Latitude App

Google has released a Google Latitude web app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, running Safari. To use it, users can go to A bookmark can be created so that there is a home screen link of course.

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Top 10 Most Dugg Stories on Digg

I’m sure you’ve heard of Digg before, right? For the few of you that may have been in the dark for, oh I don’t know, the last three plus years, let me explain the service.

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Random People Could Be Receiving Your iPhone Push Messages

Be careful when sending AIM messages with your unlocked or jailbroken iPhone, anyone with a similar hacked device could be receiving your messages.

Are you concerned with the security of iPhone Push? Tell us.

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Barnes & Noble Launches Digital Bookstore

Barnes & Noble has announced the launch of its own ebookstore and it will make content available on a variety of devices including the iPhone and iPod touch, BlackBerry, as well as most laptops and desktop computers.

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iPhone, Palm Pre Launch Drive Search Traffic

Trends in the number of weekly searches on terms related to the Palm Pre indicate that the "Now Network" advertising campaign by Sprint during the second half of May helped create early interest in the device, according to comScore.

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Pandora Back Atop Apple’s App Store

Pandora’s music discovery app has returned to its rightful place atop the Apple App Store. Sirius XM Radio gave them a pretty good run in the music category, edging out Pandora for several weeks. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be though.

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Amazon Launches New Wireless Store

Amazon has launched a new site catering specifically to cell phones and their service plans. The online store located at lets users shop for phones by model, service, color, etc. 

You may be able to shop by carrier at AmazonWireless, but that only includes AT&T and Verizon. On top of that, they don’t even carry the iPhone, which is available through AT&T. Here is a look at the site’s bestselling phones:

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Facebook App for iPhone 3.0 98% Done

iPhone 3.0 users waiting for an updated Facebook app apparently won’t have to wait too much longer. Its developer Joe Hewitt posted a Facebook note outlining the update’s new features, and saying that it is 98% done.

Here’s a screenshot of the note, listing the features:

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YouTube Sees Massive Increase In Mobile Video

Youtube wide YouTube is reporting that in the last six month uploads from mobile phones have jump 1700%; and since the iPhone 3GS with video came out last Friday uploads have increased by 400% every day.

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What’s Your Favorite iPhone App?

While the Apple App Store has grown to contain over 50,000 apps in less than a year, the most popular apps are generating the majority of usage by consumers. AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report for May (pdf), which examines the distribution of consumer usage of iPhone applications.

Highlights from the May 2009 AdMob Mobile Metrics Report:

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Flash 10 Coming for Most Smartphones… Except the iPhone & Blackberry

Near the end Adobe’s latest financial results presentation they discussed some upcoming Flash Platform advances. Adobe said they planned on releasing Flash 10 for smartphones at their MAX conference in October.

Adobe’s Max conference runs from October 4th through October 7th, so we can expect the release sometime between those dates.

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New gPhone (myTouch 3G) Coming in Early August

T-Mobile has announced that the sucessor to it’s semi-popular G1, the myTouch 3G, will become available in early August.

The myTouch 3G will be extremely customizable, unlike Apple’s iPhone. Users will be able to choose menus, wallpapers, icons, themes and skins. Will being customizable be enough to lure iPhone users away?

myTouch 3G

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iPhone vs gPhone: No Competition?

The iPhone comes out TOMORROW (6/19/2009)! But wait…when is the Google myTouch 3g releasing to public? Hype about the Google phone is virtually nonexistent.  Is it T-Mobile’s marketing ineptitude? Is it some production delay? Have there been bureaucratic pitfalls? We have no idea, but while everyone is foaming at the mouth over the latest iteration of the iPhone, news on it’s Android competition is conspicuously hard to come by.

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iPhone OS 3.0 Update Available NOW!

UPDATE 4: The iTunes Activation Server is currently down , confirming what some commenters on here already knew. Read more about the inopportune downtime here.

The iTunes Activation Server is back up and running.

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Sirius XM Radio Now Available for the iPhone

Starting today iPhone and iPod Touch users can download a free Sirius XM Radio app to access certain radio channels. (Please note that you must be a Sirius XM Internet subscriber to use the app)

Some select programming will NOT be available to app users such as MLB play-by-play, NFL play-by-play, NASCAR Radio, and Howard Stern. (Esentially, all the reasons people have Sirius XM Radio)

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iTunes Activation Server Was Down for Hours

UPDATE: It appears that iTunes is back up and running…we’ll let you know if anything changes.

The iTunes Activation server is currently down as a result of the iPhone OS 3.0 update.

Is the iPhone OS 3.0 worth all of this headache? Tell us.

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Salesforce Launches Mobile App Update for iPhone 3.0 OS

Salesforce announced today that its CRM mobile application has been updated to take advantage of the new iPhone 3.0 OS software. The 3.0 OS  update became available today (and has sparked quite a bit of conversation).

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TweetDeck for iPhone now Available for Download

UPDATE: Mashable has just confirmed that TweetDeck for the iPhone will be releasing tonight at 9PM Pacific Time. The app will be available for free at the Apple App Store.

TweetDeck is probably the most famous Twitter desktop app, so it really comes as no surprise that they’re now making the jump to the iPhone.

That’s right… TweetDeck for the iPhone.

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TweetDeck Desktop Quietly Relaunches

During the madness of last nights TweetDeck iPhone app release, TweetDeck quietly released a new version of their popular desktop app.

Oh, and the new release has loads of new features.

Manage multiple Twitter with TweetDeck.
Manage all your Twitter accounts from TweetDeck without switching between them.

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iPhone: Fun Facts and Apps of the Day

As you are probably aware, Apple announced last week that the iPhone 3G S would go on sale this Friday. Phone recycler Gazelle tells WebProNews that 300 iPhones were traded into its site that day alone.

Saving Money on the iPhone Upgrade

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Majority of iPhone Users Are Old and Rich, They Also Want More Video

iPhone music apps and mobile videos may soon become as important to marketing and artist whose audience skews older as it already is those whose fans are under 24.  A new Nielson survey shows that 82% of iPhone users are over 25 with 53% over 35 years of age.

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iGoogle For Android And iPhone Leaps Ahead

Accessing the Internet from a mobile device can be a frustrating experience; small screens, slow speeds, and "streamlined" (meaning stripped) interfaces often make people feel like they’re missing out.  But a certain Mountain View-based search giant is trying to fix all that with a new, beta version of iGoogle.

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iPhone 3G S Coming: Businesses Pay Attention

AT&T announced today that it will begin offering the Apple iPhone 3G S on June 19th. People will be able to preorder them starting today at 5pm ET.

"iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, and we’re extremely proud to offer it to our customers on the nation’s fastest 3G network," said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "We’re also pleased to offer these innovative phones and plans at incredible values, including free Wi-Fi access at nearly 20,000 hot spots." Pricing is as follows:

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Associated Press Gets a Mobile Upgrade

The AP launched an update to its AP Mobile app for the iPhone and iPod Touch today, which is now available in the Apple App Store. This is an update based on user feedback from a soft launch of version 2.0 last week.

"In the next release we will ensure that the update process is seamless, story scrolling is much more smooth, the edit button on the More screen is reinstated and that you do not lose any personally stored information," Benjamin Mosse said on the AP Mobile Blog after that launch.

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Comparing Smartphone Market Share by Operating System

AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics report for April, which compares market share of smartphones by operating system to market share of mobile web and application usage. The report also compares smartphone browsing of mobile web sites to smartphone browsing of HTML sites.

The firm determined that smartphones accounted for nearly 3 times more usage than their relative market share. With regards to usage of mobile sites and HTML sites on mobile devices, AdMob found relative usage of both to be highest on Apple and Android devices. 

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YellowSpaces Launches Local Search App For iPhone

Local search engine YellowSpaces has introduced a free application for iPhone and iPod Touch users called "iLPS."

iLPS offers maps and driving directions with one tap, helping users get where they need to go. Mobile searchers using iLPS are presented with a map view first, allowing them to decide which business location they want based on how close it is to them.

Once a selection is made, additional business details are offered including the business phone number, address, website along with driving, biking and walking directions.

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Gmail for Mobile Getting New Features

About a month ago, Google announced a new version of Gmail for mobile for iPhone and Anrdroid devices. Now, they have introduced "the Iterative Web App," an initiative, in which they will release features for this new version periodically.

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Amazon Launches Kindle Store For iPhone

Amazon has introduced a new version of its Kindle Store that is optimized for the Safari Web browser on the iPhone.

In March, Amazon launched an application that makes ebooks sold on its site readable on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

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Google, Apple Face FTC Probe

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched an inquiry into whether the overlap of directors on the boards of Apple and Google violates antitrust laws.

The FTC has notified both companies of the inquiry, according to people familiar with the situation.

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BlackBerry Outsells iPhone

An aggressive "buy-one-get-one" campaign by Verizon Wireless helped RIM’s BlackBerry Curve overtake Apple’s iPhone to become the best-selling consumer smartphone in the first quarter of 2009, according to a report by The NPD Group.

RIM’s consumer smartphone market share increased 15 percent to nearly 50 percent of the smartphone market in Q1 2009 versus the previous quarter, as Apple’s and Palm’s share both fell 10 percent.

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Report Looks at Ad Requests for iPhone vs Android

Mobile advertising platform AdMob has released its Mobile Metrics Report looking at statistics for the month of March. It highlights some interesting trends in smartphone applications.

AdMob serves ads for over 6,000 web sites and 1,000 apps and stores and analyzes the data from each ad request, impression, and click. The report is intended to provide insight into trends in the mobile ecosystem.

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Yahoo Messenger iPhone App Introduced

Yahoo announced today that the Yahoo Messenger app for the iPhone has arrived. It is free of charge and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

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Tap Tap Revenge Most Popular iPhone App

Tapulous’ Tap Tap Revenge was the most popular iPhone application in the Apple App Store in February, with 32 percent of users installing the game, according to the comScore Apple App Store Report.

"It’s impressive that a game like Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge can attract a higher penetration among Apple app users than apps for larger and more established brands," said Brian Jurutka, vice president, comScore.

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Yahoo Mobile Launches Out Of Beta

Yahoo! Mobile

It’s a more personalized "mobile starting point to the Internet," available on the mobile Web and as an Apple iPhone app.

Yahoo Mobile has been released out of beta, following its introduction at the Mobile World Congress in February.

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Skype for iPhone Officially Available

Update: Skype says:

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UK iPhone Users Most Active Online

The majority (93%) of iPhone owners in the United Kingdom accessed mobile media in January, according to comScore.

Mobile email is used by 75 percent of British iPhone owners, making it the most popular type of mobile content consumed on the device.

"Consumers are clearly embracing the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard," said Alistair Hill, analyst, comScore. "The penetration of e-mail usage on the iPhone is more than double that of the smartphone category as a whole."

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Mobilizing the Wiki

PBwiki announced the release of its mobile edition today. This is the first of its kind to be released for smartphones.

For those unfamiliar with PBwiki whose CEO Jim Groff formerly worked for Oracle and Apple, it is a commercial wiki site said to be named after the concept that making a wiki should be as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich.

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Facebook Connects Users with iPhone Apps

Facebook Connect on the iPhoneOver the weekend, Facebook launched Facebook Connect for the iPhone and iPod Touch at SXSW. Developers area already taking advantage of Facebook Platform APIs to add social features to many iPhone applications.

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US Leads In Mobile Web Browsing

The United States has surpassed the UK in mobile Web browsing, now accounting for 29 percent of the global traffic, according to the mobile firm Bango.

The company says the good news for content providers is that the growth in traffic is being matched by the growth in users paying for content on the mobile Web.

"With 245 million subscribers, it was only a matter of time before the US became the number 1 country in the world for mobile web browsing," said Anil Malhotra, SVP of Marketing at Bango.

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Google Changes Mobile Image Results Pages

Google has launched new image results pages for Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices in the US, the UK, and Japan. With the new results, users can scan up to 20 images on a single results pageand get details for images of interest.

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Amazon Releases Kindle For iPhone Application

Amazon has launched a free application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to download any e-Book from Amazon’s Kindle store on Apple’s mobile devices.

Amazon Kindle for iPhone

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Shortcovers Could Challenge Amazon’s Kindle

You’ve probably heard a lot of hype about the new Kindle 2 from Amazon that people just started receiving this week. This isn’t the only news in electronic reading materials though. What if you could just get books delivered to your phone? That doesn’t sound too bad, and it’s exactly what Canadian Indigo Books & Music, Inc. is doing with its well-timed release of Shortcovers, which launched today.

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Don’t Overlook iPhone Analytics

Google has added an advanced segment to Google Analytics looking specifically at visits to your site coming from iPhones. This should prove very useful to webmasters as iPhones have obviously caught on in a big way.

All you have to do to enable this segment is:

1. Click the drop down menu next to "Advanced Segments" at the top-right of any report

2. Select "Visits from iPhone"

3. Turn off "All Visits" when viewing your iPhone segement

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Pull My Finger Suit Isn’t Pulling Your Leg

This is going to sound like a bunch of hot air, but it’s not. Air-O-Matic, Inc., the company behind the “Pull My Finger” iPhone app, threatened legal action against InfoMedia, the company blasting out iFart Mobile, for trademark infringement.

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Casinos Warned About Card-Counting iPhone App

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is warning casinos about a Blackjack card counting application that can be used on the iPhone or iPod touch.

The Board received the information from the California Bureau of Gambling Control, which learned, of the application from a Northern California Tribal Casino.

Card Counting Program

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