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New iPad TV Spot Focuses On Retina Display

Well it’s no “1984” but then again that was a sixty-second piece of advertising history that is considered by many in the advertising industry to be the greatest television commercial ever created for the greatest brand ever launched. It ran only once and during the Superbowl that year. The new Apple television commercial for the new iPad is smart and …

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iPad 3: Who’s Buying And Why? [Infographic]

The iPad is expensive, we get that. Although it is a luxury item some are still going to fork over the cash and get the latest and greatest from Apple. But the question I ask is: who are these folks? Who will be lining up to get the new iPad? I can’t answer that question exactly, but we can gage …

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iPad HD to Rival Ultrabooks in Key Features

IPad HD, aka iPad 3, may prove to bring tablets to the forefront of the laptop market. Boasting a super high-resolution display, built in 4G LTE, and faster graphics silicon, all in a smaller lighter package, it’s easy to see the appeal. And with so many keyboard peripherals already on the market for the previous iPad, laptops and ultrabooks will …

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Apple To Revamp iPad Pricing (Rumor)

Rumors have been flying for several weeks about Appleā€™s next generation iPad. Most expect Apple to follow a similar pattern as with previous iPad launches, both in terms of device lineup and pricing. DigiTimes, however, has been insisting that Apple plans to split the line. Citing sources in the supply chain, they have repeatedly claimed that Apple will release two …

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