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Apple Wants To Fix iOS 7 iMessage Glitch

The recent iOS 7 update has caused quite a stir; some are incredibly happy with the overhaul, spilling over with compliments about the new interface and updates. However, in the realm of most folks on the internet, who like to complain about almost everything, the iOS 7 update may just be worse than the government deciding to shut down like …

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iOS 7 Download Problems Run Rampant

Apple released the iOS 7 update on Wednesday, and some users have had a lot of issues when trying to update their devices. Not only are many users having trouble downloading the iOS 7 update, they are having difficulty activating the download as well. While any Apple update is going to have glitches, some users are reportedly spending hours and …

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TED Releases iOS7 App

In 2010 TED released their first app for Apple iOS. It is now 2013 and TED is announcing that they will be releasing an updated app with features that are more refined with an improved user experience for the Apple iOS7 operating system. The intent was to avoid the aspect of overloading the app and adding new features. They’ve chosen …

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iOS 7 Update Hits iPhones, iPads & iPods Today

Update: A lot of people are having trouble downloading the update. The long-anticipated iOS 7 update comes to various iDevices today. The new operating system was first unveiled earlier this year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and the release date was made official at the iPhone 5s/5c unveiling earlier this month. Starting today, the update will be available for free …

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iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner: Would It Be Secure?

iPhone is set to make a big announcement on September 10, and the Internet is abuzz with speculation. iOS7 is a given. Will we see a low-cost iPhone 5C in addition to a 5S? Will we be able to purchase iPhones in something other than the standard black and white – say, Champagne and Graphite? One of the newest rumors, …

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