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MS Needs More than Whizbang to Compete with Google

The Mercury News takes an in-depth look at the lack of ROI Microsoft is getting from its investment into web technologies, especially search.

Asset Allocation and Your Investment Plan

Many of the wealthiest people in the world owe their fortunes to different types of residual income – from stocks and bonds to investment trusts, real estate, commodities and more.

How To Make A Well-balanced Investment Portfolio
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Getting a good investment portfolio is something that everyone needs who does any kind of investing.

First YouTube, Now Facebook? Rumors Circulate
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News of the Google YouTube acquisition wasn’t even cold yet when a new rumor popped up in the blogosphere that Google is also in talks to outbid Yahoo! on the number two social networking site, Facebook, reportedly offering $2.3 billion.

Offshore Investment Advice To Help Your Portfolio Grow
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Like so many others, I’m working hard to make my financial future as bright as possible. I save when ever possible, and invest smart when I have the money to do so.

Google Fears Investment Fund Status

An obscure little fun fact about Google has been making the rounds; last month, Google filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission requesting that it not be treated like a mutual fund.

Understanding Institutional Investment In Stocks

Large companies and institutions employ teams of analysts to help invest in other companies. If they buy a particular stock, the market often expects the stock to have significant upside potential.

Jobster Rings Up Investment Cash

A total of $18 million traveled into job search website Jobster, with half of the cash coming from Reed Elsevier, the publisher that owns LexisNexis and Hollywood trade paper Variety.

What’s in an Investment Newsletter?

When an investor receives a newsletter full of stock tips and information, the first instinct is to act quickly on the information in order to make money before anyone else does.

Primer on Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing (SRI), or sometimes known as ethical investment, is an investment strategy combining financial with social, environmental or other ethical criteria that satisfy both the financial goals and personal values of the investor.

Google Surprise: A New Stock Sale

Another 5.3 million shares of GOOG, worth about $2.1 billion at current valuation, should help smooth the company’s entry into the S&P 500 index.

Risk of Investment

Identifying and minimizing risks needs to be part of the ROI equation.

Google A Speculation, Not An Investment

Google was as good as gold in 2005, but any cracks that appear in the Googleplex facade could send hedge funds fleeing for safer pastures and pressure shares of GOOG downward.

Google’s AOL Investment a Likely New Strategy

Take a look at BusinessWeek’s fascinating summary of the events that led up to the Google/AOL deal.

This Podcasting Dope is Addictive

News of what two big companies in entirely different industries are doing with audio as part of their communication is a great example of imaginative ways to use this communication medium.

Yahoo Finds Finance Friends For Suze Orman

The portal company has made another addition to its content offerings, by adding several financial columnists to Yahoo Finance.

Need More Income from your Investment Property?

The goal of every real estate investor is to see their property appreciate in value and to have it generate a positive cash flow.

Google In Gmail Name Dispute

A British research company is threatening to use legal action against Google for their right to use the GMail name.

5 Reasons Why SEO Is The Best Investment For Any CEO
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As an experienced management consultant to senior management of private and public companies, I have found that search engine optimization is the single most powerful marketing tool that every CEO should be aware of and eventually implement.

Blogging As a Business

Note to Evan Williams: congrats on getting the funding for Odeo. For the rest of you, he’s building a podcasting tool to start with.

Content Management: Wise Investment For Business Prosperity

The time when a website was just a simple set of HTML pages has gone by. It’s true, just five or seven years ago simple websites developed with HTML and JavaScript were usual.