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Gangs of Chihuahuas Invade Arizona Town, Hunt Kids

Satan. Satan with four legs, aka, tiny chihuahuas are causing chaos in the Phoenix suburb of Maryvale, Arizona. Alongside their mega poop parties, furious lip licking orgies, and chasing school children, the humans over at animal control fear their rapid reproduction tactics. This year, over 6,000 calls were made to animal control concerning the wild little hellions. “We compared the …

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The Pig Invasion of San Ramon, California

“It looks like a tornado has hopped from yard to yard,” Carrie Spurlock said to NBC Bay Area. “We’ve tried to deter them, but they keep coming back.” The piggy invasion has begun; hordes are arriving in the suburbs of San Ramon, California. Over the span of months, an estimated 20 ravenous swine have dug up California Bay Area resident’s …

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