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Global Multilingual Intranet: You Dont Need to Translate Everything But Stay Consistent


What are the effective compromises in supporting multi-languages on a global Intranet?

Value-Driven Intranet Design

Within most corporations, taking ownership of an intranet is an unglamorous, exhausting, and thankless job for a new intranet manager. Many corporate intranets lack thoughtful, focused, and disciplined design and are often extremely large and unwieldy. Fixing these intranets can seem an impossible and futile task.

If you Can’t Measure it, you Can’t Manage it

Intranets don’t self-organize. Without planned, centralized information architectures and clearly defined published processes, they become unproductive. Intranets often have applications that either don’t work properly, are too difficult to learn, or have no clear business benefit. Applications, like content, must be able to establish a clear return on investment.

Putting Someone in Charge of Your Intranet

Finally, organizations are getting serious about how they manage their intranets. The intranet is now moving out of an evolutionary, experimental phase into a more systematic, managed phase. It is being seen as an asset, a driver of productivity. However, return on investment measurement for the intranet still requires a lot of work.

Usability and Cost Savings while Designing an Intranet

This article discusses the value of design in the development of an intranet and how it can create cost savings not only in it’s development, but in the future as company employees leverage the system to save time.

Setting Up A Secure Internet/Intranet Network

The needs of businesses and their networks are evolving daily. Even in this time of recession, many corporations that have not previously had an Internet presence are considering such a presence to increase sales, service and customer support. Many small, static websites are being upgraded to offer all kinds of dynamic information. We have almost fully entered the information age.