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Marketing and Promoting Through Media Interviews

If you are like most business people, you are constantly seeking new and different ways to promote and market your website.

SES NYC Interviews

Chris Pirillo and Jake hit up Search Engine Strategies New York and did a number of interviews which you can hear at his SES 2006 Archive page.

PR Week Interviews Digg’s Jay Adelson

Keith O’Brien at PR Week has an interview with digg’s Jay Adelson.

Don Interviews Memeorandum Founder

Don Dodge, former executive with AltaVista (the search engine Google basically killed off), interviews Gabe Rivera, founder of Memeorandum.

Google Opens Up Tinsel Town

Are you a TV geek? The president of Sony Pictures Television is and has announced via the Official Google Blog an arrangement with Google Video to open up the Archive of American Television.

Katrina Evacuee Interview: Charles Pizzo
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In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville spoke with Charles Pizzo

Email Interviews

Reporters and writers know the value of face-to-face interviews. Follow-up questions are easy in real time allowing writers to chase a new line of questioning with little effort or loss of spontaneity.

Scoble Interviews Ballmer

Robert Scoble interviews Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Channel 9. 1 down, 1 to go. Time for big Bill G to show up on 9.

Vespa Launches Vespaway Customer Blog

Regular readers of my blog know that I am a big believer in empowering customer evangelists to act as a voice for your company.

The Era of Transparent Media Interviews

Up until now, the media interview has been a fairly closed process. Interviewer and interviewee connect via phone, face-to-face or email. There’s no way we can get in on the conversation.

Carnival of the Capitalists at Blogcritics.org

This week sees an eclectic approach for the travelling business show, recognized by one and all as Carnival of the Capitalists makes a stop at a blog where opinions from far and wide, on many topics, are routinely very well presented.

A Common Sense Approach to Job Interviews

As a person who has been on both the job seeker side and the employer end it is amazing how many people throw any chance of getting hired right out the window before they even say a word.

Mike Interviews the Googleplex…

Hear me! For I have been to the mountaintop

Tuesday night’s SES mixer in San Jose was highly anticipated by most attendees. It was, after all, the Google Dance -being held at the Googleplex no less. At roughly 6:30, the tour busses started to line up outside the main convention center to begin shuttling attendees to the land of the giant. Needless to say, I think everyone went.

When Bad Interviews Happen to Good Candidates

Going through the motions of a bad interview is like peeling back the layers of an onion. Sally learned this lesson the hard way, hands-on during an interview that should have been a piece of cake. Sally applied for a position that fit her qualifications perfectly. When she received an invitation to interview, Sally believed she was a shoo-in for the job. Feeling confident, she approached the interview in a lax manner. She didn’t prepare and prematurely celebrated an offer she was convinced would be extended.

Generate 33% More Job Interviews with this Powerful Letter Style

The follow-up letter is a powerful tool often ignored by applicants during job search. Written effectively, it can add weight to your application, particularly when a short list for second or third interviews is being determined by the recruiter. The follow-up letter has several uses:

The 3 Keys to Conducting Great Interviews

I know a manager named Fred. What a guy. He cares about his Employees, he asks for their input and he interacts with them frequently. Fred is a great manager.

10 Tips For Selling Books Through Radio Interviews

William A. Gordon and Stephen Schochet are Hollywood authors and storytellers who, between themselves, have done over 600 radio interviews. Although they work independently, they often share information about specific shows and compare strategies for getting booked. Here they share some of the lessons they have learned about selling books, CDs and audiotapes through radio interviews.

Deborah Walker Answers Career Strategy Questions

Are you feeling stalled in your job-search efforts? Are employers and recruiters ignoring you? Do you wonder what you could do to improve your job-search results? Maybe I can help. As a former headhunter, I am known as “the Career Strategist.” In my work as a career coach and resume writer I am often asked such questions as: How do I find more job leads? How do I know what to put in my resume? Why can’t I get interviews? Are cover letters really important? How do I prepare for my next interview?

Career Fairs — Your Shortcut to Job Interviews

In many cities and local communities, spring is career fair season. While these events often prove disappointing, job-seekers who understand how “work” career fairs use these events as powerful networking sessions leading to interviews with future employers. If you are considering attending a job fair soon, you’ll get more out of the event by following these three rules.

Three Common Deadly Mistakes Made In Interviews

Since no two interviews are alike, it is difficult to be prepared for what lies ahead, but you can focus on your presentation skills, which may be even more important than what you have to say. Three areas of performance, which should be considered dangerous and deadly, are worth spending some time thinking about before your next interview.