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Dr. Ralph Wilson–yes, the legend–was at SES San Jose (not sure how I missed him) roving around with a microphone and video camera.

Aside from some interesting interviewsincluding this one with Cat Seda–he managed to get attendees to describe Google’s mating call.

Interview with Global SEO Mike Grehan

One of the most popular categories of content we publish at Online Marketing Blog is the interviews. Recently, we ran a poll asking OMB readers for suggestions on people we should interview in anticipation of SES San Jose. There were some great suggestions and I’ve just started contacting a few folks as well as their mega company PR depts for pre-approval.

Gord Interviews Jakob Nielsen

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Jakob Nielsen for a series I’m doing for Search Engine Land about what the search results page will look like in 2010.  Jakob is called a "controversial guru of Web design" in Wikipedia (Jakob gets his own shots in at Wikipedia in this interview) because of his strongly held views on the use of graphics and flash in web design.

DMA Search Marketing Council Interviews
Here is a collection of short video interviews taken during day one of the DM Days conference in New York. The Direct Marketing Association has a variety of special interest groups called “councils”. One of them is focused on search marketing and appropriately named, the Search Engine Marketing Council, or SEMC.

The Worldview of the Role of SEOs
Frank Schilling and Andy Hagans both wrote posts about the bogus worldview of the role of SEOs. Frank also highlighted that most every industry gets this treatment:

Interview with Web Analyst Ravi Pathak

Continuing my series of interviews with Web Analysts here is an interview with Ravi Pathak.

Interview with Web Analyst Rohan Kapoor

Continuing my series of interviews with Web Analysts here is an interview with Rohan Kapoor.

Rohan, originally from India, was working as an analyst for a fortune 50 company in Seattle area on his student visa (he was allowed to work for a year). Like thousands of other he applied for his work visa called H1B via his employer, unfortunately he was not selected by the newly instituted lottery system by INS.

Is the Phone or Email Better for Interviews?

Another flash fire seems to have flared up in the blogosphere over interviews with reporters: Jason Calacanis says he won’t do an interview with Wired unless they can do it by email, and says this is ironic (in an Alanis Morrisette kind of way, I’m assuming). Dave Winer says he likes to do interviews via his blog because it’s too easy to be misquoted.

Interview with Web Analyst Jaisri Chety

Continuing my series of Interviews with Analysts, here is my interview with Jaisri Chety.

What is your current position and the name of the company you work for?

I am working at present in Tesco.com as Asst. Manager (Insight)

How long have you been working in Web Analytics?

Worthless Expert Interviews

Have you ever set aside time to interview an expert for a project, only to realize that the person you are speaking with knows absolutely nothing?

I was recently on a call with one of my clients for a white paper project.

An outside “expert” was brought onto the call.

I began asking my questions.

Gord Interviews Matt Cutts

I had the chance to interview Matt Cutts this week about personalization and it’s impact on the SEO industry. Excerpts from the interview and some additional commentary are in my Just Behave column on Search Engine Land today. As promised, here is the full transcript of the interview:

Gord Interviews Marissa Mayer on Personalization

Below is the full transcript of the interview with Marissa Mayer on personalization of search results. For commentary, see the Just Behave column on Searchengineland.

Gord: It’s a little more than two weeks ago since Google made the announcement that personalization would become more of a default standard for more users on Google.  Why did you move towards making that call?

Scoble Interviews Wikipedia

The Chairwoman of Wikipedia foundation, Florence Devouard, is interviewed on video by Nicolas Charbonnier and part of her speech at LIFT is online in the last third of his eight-minute video. On screen is a slide showing Wikipedia’s growth, which is one context behind why Wikipedia needs more funds/donations to keep up in the future. When your service is doubling every few months in near-exponential growth you need to think about how you’re going to pay for future servers and pay for more bandwidth.

Shoemoney Interviews Google AdSense’s Brian Axe

On Jeremy’s show tonight over at WebmasterRadio.FM, “Net Income”, he and Andrea interview Brian Axe, AdSense Product Manager.

Sullivan Interviews Techmeme’s Rivera

Q&A With Gabe Rivera, Creator Of Techmeme Techmeme may be the singlemost significant news site I’ve found in the last five years. There is no single source on the internet that does a faster more relevant snapshot view of what is happening in the world of tech than Techmeme.

Aaron Wall Interviews Digital Ghost

DigitalGhost is an odd fellow, in a good way. Always a blast to chat with, and a smart guy who gives me lots of good advice. He recently started blogging again, and that prompted me to ask him from an SEO.

Odden Interviews Beal

I’ve known Andy Beal via blogging and search marketing conferences for a while now and had the privilege of speaking with him on a SEO Blogger and Reporter panel at the last WebmasterWorld Pubcon in Las Vegas.

Will it blend an iPod?

I love “Will it Blend?”

Web 2point2 Interviews

Recently, we attended Web 2point2, an ‘unconference’ driven by participants and based on conversations, not powerpoints.

Netflix Granting Interviews to a Penny Stock Promoter
· 1

Davis Freeberg’s Digital Connection – Why Is Netflix Supporting A Penny Stock Touter?

Scoble Interviews Google Reader Team

If you’re looking to get some insights into the mind of a Googler, this video interview with the Google Reader team is a fun one to watch. It’s with Nick Baum and Jason Shellen.

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