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Mila Kunis Gives an Awkward Oz Interview
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Most press junket interviews are incredibly boring. Celebrities sit in one spot with movie art in the background and talk to a variety of reporters, answering the same boring questions over and over. Throw in a rookie BBC Radio reporter …

Judging An Employee By Her Search Results

I’m hesitant to bring this up because it puts me at risk of being dropped into the Pollyanna Pond – business and idealism just don’t mix, I’m told. But I wonder if employers are missing out on some exceptional talent because of snap judgments and preconceived notions about job candidates.

Interviewing Kris Jones and Lee Dodd

I am doing a series of post’s over at Blog.lunarpages.com about elite retreat speakers and how attendee’s will be able to take real world applications to problems they encounter while doing business online and apply them in today’s market place.

CES: The Coolest Thing

I think the coolest thing that many of the bloggers in the BlogHaus saw was the water show in front of the Bellagio tonight. Paul Mooney recorded it.

Tech World is Hopping

Whew, look at TechMeme today and you’ll see we’re on an upswing in the news cycle.

Interviewing TailRanks Founder

Speaking of all this TechMeme horsey business today I’m taking my camcorder over to chat with Kevin Burton, founder of TechMeme competitor TailRank.

Five Secrets To Successful Interviewing and Hiring

The technical communications profession involves a unique mix of technical and communication skills, which is not easy to find.

The Who, What, and Why of Interviewing

Interviews can be daunting to the most experienced job seeker, and “terror-ific” for the less experienced. Preparation before the interview can make a huge difference in your confidence level. Here are some basic questions to get you thinking about the process.