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Google Shows Us the Real Life of New Interns [VIDEO] Google Shows Us the Real Life of New Interns [VIDEO]

This week Vince Vaughn and Own Wilson will take on roles as new Google interns in The Internship. While it may be funny, the film surely isn’t that accurate when it comes to the actual experience of new Google interns, …

The Interns are Taking Over the Googleplex!

The interns are taking over the Googleplex! Seriously, if you want to know why Google is so intent on reaching geniuses at an early age, you need look no further than today’s upgrades to Google Reader.

Facebook Fairy Caught Ditching Work

Which is worse: Your boss seeing you dressed as a fairy, or being photographed with a can of Busch beer in your hand? Yeah, I’m going with fairy.

Top 10 Facebook Apps

OK, the TechCrunch interns tell us about their top 10 favorite Facebook applications. Now, since the interns are 20-somethings I expected that I’d have a different take on what we needed and so I talked through it on my Kyte.tv channel.

Here’s the TechCrunch Intern’s apps: