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Looks Like YouTube’s Testing A New Homepage Looks Like YouTube’s Testing A New Homepage
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Is YouTube testing out a new look for its own homepage? More than likely they do so on a constant basis, but thanks to some images posted at the Google Operating System blog, which is not affiliated with Google, we …

NBC Decides Not to Miss Out On the Apple Pie

NBC UniversalYou can tell that NBC Universal (NBC U) really appreciates the opportunities that the Internet can present them with.

Chinese Can Only Access Video from State-controlled Companies

You knew it had to happen sooner or later: China is cracking down on Internet video. Under the new regulations, Chinese web surfers will only be able to access video from state-controlled companies. It looks like these regulations will effectively kill user-generated and other video sharing sites.

However, as the AP reports, there is some uncertainty there:

Apple TV Could Have Big Year In 2008

Apple TV leads when it comes to Internet video delivery devices but such devices have had difficulty gaining traction with consumers because of higher prices and competition from set-top-boxes according to ABI Research.

TV Growth To Increase More Than Online Video

Growth in television viewing will increase more than time spent watching online video through 2012 and attracting a large audience for Internet video could take even longer according Bain & Co.

Maven Scores Gannett USAToday.com Video Deal
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Maven Networks will roll out an online TV solution with news publisher Gannett’s USAToday website and 150 other websites.

Internet Video And Technology

Internet video continues to remain popular but what technology are people using to view the content? A new survey from ABI Research explores that question.