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The Internet Was Kind Of Terrible In 2002 [Infographic]

Looking back 10 years ago is kind of hard. It’s difficult to remember much of anything from when I was a snot-nosed brat. I was, however, already messing around with the Internet at that point, but it was mostly for school or playing Shockwave games. It’s actually kind of astounding to see just how far we’ve come. A new infographic …

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Now That’s A Lot of Information Consumption

Considering the fact we are living in The Information Age, the figures concerning information consumption shouldn’t be surprising, but yet, they are. In fact, eye-popping would be a better adjective than surprising, because one thing’s for certain: Internet users go through so much data, the numerical amounts are staggering. According to research conducted by a three scientists from UC San …

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Global Internet Use Not Yet Universal

Going online in many countries, including developed ones is far from universal according to a new report by the World Internet Project (WIP).

The report was carried out by the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, it found only half of the 10 reporting countries had more than a majority of Internet users.

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