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530 Fatties: Why You Shouldn’t Feed Internet Trolls

In 2014 there is something that everyone, no matter what their background, should know when it comes to navigating the world wide web. What is this one unifying piece of knowledge? DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS, FOLKS! Internet trolls will do anything for attention and enjoy inflicting emotional pain on as many people as possible. Some “netizens” make it especially …

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Minnie Driver: Why Did She Quit Twitter?

Actress Minnie Driver learned a tough lesson with regards to the internet: There’s always someone floating around with something not-so-nice to say. Driver found this out when a photo of her on vacation made the rounds on social media. In the image, you can see the 44-year-old pool side in a cute light blue floral string bikini. In reality, Driver’s …

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Michael Crook Trolls The Internet With Support SOPA Site

This just in: If you don’t support SOPA, you are thief!!! So says the wisdom of one Michael Crook, who seems to be on a mission to troll everyone he comes into contact with. You may have first heard of Crook after he filed a bunch of takedown notices following an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. Apparently, …

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